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Are North Country zoning rules promoting sprawl?

What if we're accidentally ruining our small towns in the North Country?

What if, with the best intentions, we've adopted planning and zoning rules that are actually making neighborhoods and downtowns less appealing, less liveable?

Randall Arendt is a conservation design planner and author of a series of books about rural development who will speak this week at a conference in the Adirondacks.

Arendt says from the Adirondack Park Agency right down to local zoning boards, people in the North Country have adopted ideas that don't fit our small towns.

Arendt spoke recently with Brian Mann.  Go to full article
The Adirondack Park Agency announced its approval of the plan at a meeting Thursday.
The Adirondack Park Agency announced its approval of the plan at a meeting Thursday.

APA approves 1,300 acre subdivision near Hurricane Wilderness

The Adirondack Park Agency approved a new 1,300 acre subdivision Thursday in an area that borders the Hurricane Mountain Wilderness. The proposed development could eventually mean construction of 27 new homes.

The APA approved the project despite the fact that developers didn't include a plan to protect views and open space on the parcel, which is considered some of the most iconic farmland in the Adirondacks.

But state officials did include a provision that will require more planning before most of the homes were built.  Go to full article
Last week's ACR hearing was held in the Tupper Lake train depot (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Last week's ACR hearing was held in the Tupper Lake train depot (Photo: Brian Mann)

Experts debate viability, business plan of proposed Big Tupper resort

In Tupper Lake, the latest round of hearings into the proposed Adirondack Club and Resort has been focusing on economic questions about the project. Developers Michael Foxman and Tom Lawson hope to build hundreds of condos and mansions, along with a new ski area, marina, equestrian center and other amenities. The price tag for the project is roughly $500 million.

Some business leaders in the village say they're satisfied that the company has laid out a realistic plan for building the expansive resort. But some resort experts, state officials, and local government leaders in Tupper Lake say they still have questions about how the project will be financed and how enough buyers will be found for the new homes. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article
Prospectus map from Front Street Mountain Development showing resort concept (Source: Front Street)
Prospectus map from Front Street Mountain Development showing resort concept (Source: Front Street)

Town "struggles" with North Creek resort

Two years ago, the Adirondack Park Agency approved a massive new resort in North Creek. Front Street Mountain Development was meant to bring more than 130 luxury condos to the village, along with five hotels, restaurants and a riding stable. The idea was to tie the resort in with the North Creek ski bowl, offering ski-from-your door condominiums.

But so far, only one model home has been built and no properties in the resort have been sold. As Brian Mann reports, local officials are questioning the project's future.  Go to full article

Lessons learned from A Year of Hard Choices in Adirondack real estate

Northern New York's real estate market is showing signs of life, according to Mark Bergman. He's a realtor in North Creek. And he's part of our occasional series, A Year of Hard Choices. Below, you can find a link to these stories of the recession and how the sagging economy is affecting people across the North Country.

Bergman says he won't soon forget last year--and the economic lessons it taught him. Last spring, Mark spoke with Jonathan Brown about the dearth of real estate sales in the southern Adirondacks.  Go to full article

Businessman sues Adirondack green group for $2.1 million

An Adirondack businessman is suing the Adirondack Council, hoping to win more than 2 million dollars in damages. Leroy Douglas, from the town of Black Brook, claims that the green group intervened illegally in a state enforcement case involving his property. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
East Brook feeds into Lake George (Source:  Brian Mann)
East Brook feeds into Lake George (Source: Brian Mann)

New Lake George stream rules spark praise, fury

State officials want to expand dramatically the protection given to streams and rivers that flow into Lake George. Green groups and some residents say the move is necessary to begin restoring the lake's legendary water-quality. But pro-development groups and many locals say the new regulations would stifle development and eclipse private property rights. Brian Mann reports from Lake George.  Go to full article

Resort supporter foresees a local economic revival

Last night's rally was intended to show broad local support of the Adirondack Club and Resort project. Brian Mann spoke with Ricky Dattola. His family runs a lumber supply company in the town, and he helped organize the rally.  Go to full article

Counties plan to sue Adirondack Park Agency, more suits likely

At least four North Country counties are planning to sue the Adirondack Park Agency. At issue are new shoreline restrictions approved last month. The rules limit construction and expansion of waterfront homes without an APA variance. As Brian Mann reports, local leaders say political changes in Albany will mean more lawsuits against state agencies.  Go to full article

Controversial APA rule change would affect hundreds of shoreline homes

The Adirondack Park Agency is poised to enact sweeping new regulations today. The rules would expand APA authority to restrict shoreline development inside a 50-foot buffer zone. Supporters in the environmental community say the changes close loopholes that endanger water quality and waterfront habitat. But critics describe the move as an illegal power grab that threatens local economies. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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