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Tower climber Wally Reardon at 1100 feet
Tower climber Wally Reardon at 1100 feet

Life in the air as a tower climber

Communications tower climbers from around New York will gather in Syracuse for a safety conference on Saturday. According to OSHA, building and maintaining cell towers is the deadliest job in the country. The conference will focus on climbers' perspectives on tower safety. Among those offering their thoughts is former climber Dale Remington, whose son died last December when a tower he was working on in Oneida County collapsed. Todd Moe talks with experienced tower climber Wally Reardon, who lives in Pulaski. Reardon climbed towers for ten years before a shoulder injury forced him to retire. He told Todd that his climbing career began on a local feed mill's grain towers at a time when he was terrified of heights. For more information about Saturday's conference, call: 315-298-2312.  Go to full article

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