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News stories tagged with "reform"

NY Lawmakers and Lobbyists Consider Reform

Leading politicians and lobbyists who have been active in the reform movement gathered to assess the impact of the elections, and the chances for change. The forum was held by the State University's Rockefeller Institute. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Finding Meaningful Reform in Albany: Constitutional Convention

Many reformers say a constitutional convention is the way to insure meaningful change in Albany. Bipartisan support is growing. Martha Foley talks with Canton Mayor Robert Wells, a longtime advocate of such a convention.  Go to full article

NY Lawmakers Consider Budget Reform and Pay Raises

State lawmakers are trying to squelch rumors that they may vote themselves a pay raise when the newly re-elected Senators and Assembly members return for a session before the end of the year. But talk about a salary increase proposal that could include some reforms, is continuing to grow. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Reform Groups Hold Lawmakers to Their Promises

Now that most of the legislature has been safely re-elected to another two-year term, many are wondering whether the reform agenda that many Senators and Assembly members campaigned on will actually become law. One majority party legislative leader is pledging commitment to change, and reform groups say they'll hold him and other lawmakers to their promises. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Activists Push Budget Reform in Albany

In the state legislative campaigns this year, reform has become the dominant issue. The 2004 session ended with 20 years of late budgets, and the latest budget in state history, as well as some ethics scandals involving individual Senators and Assembly members. In the second of two reports, Karen DeWitt takes a look at what kinds of groups are pushing reform, and how successful their efforts might be.  Go to full article

Budget Reform Becomes Centerpiece in Legislative Campaigns

The 2004 legislative session ended with the latest budget in state history, as state Senators and Assembly members failed to meet the deadline for the 20th year in a row. The lawmakers also were unable to answer a court order to reform school funding, and ethical scandals plagued the legislature. Now, as all members of the Senate and Assembly face re-election, reform is the number one issue in legislative campaigns. Karen DeWitt takes a look, in the first of two reports, at who is advocating change, and what shape possible reforms may take.  Go to full article
Scott Gray on the campaign trail.
Scott Gray on the campaign trail.

118th Assembly: An Interview with Scott Gray

The two candidates in the 118th Assembly District in St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties are making their last campaign appearances this week before next Tuesday's vote. Democratic incumbent Darrel Aubertine faces a serious challenge from Republican Scott Gray. Gray owns Gray's Flowers in Watertown and is a Jefferson County legislator. He ran unsuccessfully for this seat two years ago. He told David Sommerstein he's running again because he sees a need for change.  Go to full article

Activists Call for Real Reform in Albany

Government reform groups say the worst legislative session in memory has led to what they call a "perfect storm" of a climate for reform. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, 113th district
Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, 113th district

North Country Republican Praises Democrats For Reform Effort

In the past, reform in Albany has been stifled by deep divisions between Republicans and Democrats. North country assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, now in her first term, says things are so broken that she'll support a bipartisan effort to bring deep changes to state government. Sayward, the former Willsboro supervisor who represents the 113th district, spoke yesterday with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

Campaign to Reform NY Legislature Underway

The group that issued a report naming the New York State legislature as the most dysfunctional in the nation now plans a campaign to convince lawmakers to change their ways. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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