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News stories tagged with "relief"

NYS registry of people missing in Haiti, and a warning about scams

An online registry to gather names of New Yorkers missing on Haiti will go live today at noon. It's intended to help in what's expected to be the long and difficult process of finding people missing in the aftermath of the earthquake.

A website and toll free number will offer ways to register names of people who haven't been accounted for, and collect contact information. Gov. David Paterson says the information won't be used or shared for any reason but locating and identifying family and friends.
The hotline number is 1-888-769-7243. Find the link to the registry below.

The state Consumer Protection Board is warning people eager to help earthquake victims to beware of scams. The agency says scammers may try to gain access to credit card information and bank accounts to commit identity theft, and unscrupulous charities may seek donations but send little -- if any -- to earthquake victims. Information is available online. These links below, too.  Go to full article

North Country woman remembers better days of Haiti's past

There are still only estimates of the death toll from Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. Authorities say it could reach 50,000 people. Meanwhile, survivors are coping with continuing aftershocks as they wait for help.

Emergency aid workers in Haiti say tempers are growing short and more security is needed. There are reports of looting in Haiti's capital. The U.N. World Food Program says it doesn't yet know how much is missing from its pre-earthquake stockpile of 15,000 tons of food.

Dylia Claydon is watching closely from her home in West Stockholm, near Potsdam. She grew up in Haiti, the daughter Christian Lanoue, who, she says, was prime minister in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Claydon is now 82. Her family fled the country in 1958, after Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier rose to power.
She told Jonathan Brown she has family on the island.  Go to full article

Volunteers Give Their Break to Katrina Victims

It may be spring break, but it's not the beach, for some local volunteers spending the week in Mississippi. The group organized by Adirondack habitat for Humanity arrived in Pearlington, Mississippi Sunday. They're working with a group called "One-House-at-a-Time" that builds houses for Hurricane Katrina victims - for free. Pearlington is a little town that was pretty much flattened by Katrina - of its 800 homes, only three were livable right after the storm. But they're gaining. Chandler Ralph is CEO of Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake. She's one of the volunteers in Pearlington now. She talked with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Red Cross Expands Efforts

In the first days after Hurrican Katrina came ashore, the Red Cross called the disaster-relief effort the largest in its history. It looks worse now. Martha Foley spoke with Eileen reardon, executive director of the Red Cross Adirondack Saratoga Chapter.  Go to full article
Hurricane Katrina relief volunteers from the Adirondack Saratoga Chapter of the Red Cross.
Hurricane Katrina relief volunteers from the Adirondack Saratoga Chapter of the Red Cross.

Red Cross Volunteers Head South

The Red Cross says the response to Hurricane Katrina is the largest natural disaster effort in its history: half a million meals a day, along with water, other supplies, information, and comfort. Volunteers from the Adirondack Saratoga Red Cross Chapter were on their way south even as the hurricane was bearing down on the coast early Monday. They arrived in Baton Rouge last night. Edna Quesnel, Michel Lee and Terry LeMere were out of cell phone contact this morning, but had been in touch with Carmen Rau, director of development and communications for the chapter, last night. Martha Foley caught Rau on her way to work this morning.  Go to full article

Local Relief Effort Gains Momentum

Over a week after an earthquake and tsunamis devastated areas of South Asia, India and Africa, the international relief effort is massive. Martha Foley talks with Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of Sackets Harbor, about a local project that combines symbolism with small-scale practicality.  Go to full article

Churches, Agencies Mobilize for Tsunami Relief Effort

North Country churches and relief agencies are mobilizing their resources for both short- and long-term aid for the countries in South Asia and East Africa devastated by Sunday's tsunami and earthquake. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Firefighters drown embers days after the March 2nd fire in Carthage.
Firefighters drown embers days after the March 2nd fire in Carthage.

Carthage Works to Recuperate After Fire

More than a week after a fire destroyed an entire block of downtown Carthage, village fire officials say the smouldering embers finally seem to be extinguished. But they say the area is still a "fire scene" for safety reasons.

People affected by the blaze are working to recuperate. David Sommerstein reports on the latest relief efforts.

Fire victims or people wanting to donate goods or money can call the Carthage Fire Relief task force at 315-493-3821.  Go to full article

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