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Rob Astorino and family. Photo: <a href=""></a>
Rob Astorino and family. Photo:

Cuomo's likely GOP opponent is Westchester County Executive

It's expected that Republicans will have an announced candidate for governor as early as next week. Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has formed an exploratory committee, and has expressed interest in what most believe will be an uphill climb, against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking reelection.

With Donald Trump potentially in the race, it's not yet clear whether Astorino would be the only GOP candidate for governor.  Go to full article
Photo: <a href="">Gage Skidmore</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Photo: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Trump, considering NY gov's race, to head upstate

BUFFALO, N.Y. AP) Donald Trump, who says he'd consider a run for New York governor, is scheduled to head upstate to attend a Republican fundraiser.

The Erie County Republican Committee says Trump will be at its Lincoln Leadership Award event in Buffalo on Jan. 31.  Go to full article
Matt Doheny thanks supporters Tuesday night. Photo: David Sommerstein
Matt Doheny thanks supporters Tuesday night. Photo: David Sommerstein

NY21: Doheny hustle falls short

Jefferson County businessman Matt Doheny lost a second straight close election to Democratic Congressman Bill Owens. With the race neck and neck most of the night, Owens took a 4,000 vote lead late.  Go to full article
Janet Duprey talking with her Plattsburgh district office administrative assistant Cathy Kourofsky and her husband Brian at the Duprey campaign headquarters in Plattsburgh. Photo: Mark Kurtz
Janet Duprey talking with her Plattsburgh district office administrative assistant Cathy Kourofsky and her husband Brian at the Duprey campaign headquarters in Plattsburgh. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Duprey wins 115th Assembly seat

Republican Janet Duprey swept the 115th Assembly race last night, beating back Conservative challenger Karen Bisso and Democrat Tim Carpenter. She won 52 percent of the vote.

The incumbent Republican will return to Albany next year, representing Clinton, Franklin, and part of St. Lawrence counties. While last night's victory was decisive, the campaign wasn't easy.  Go to full article

NY Senate control could hang on few races, votes

This election will determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the state Senate in the next term, and it could come down to just a few hundred votes in a small number of key Senate contests. Not surprisingly, both sides are hopeful they'll win.  Go to full article
They could have used it as a unifying dinner, where everyone comes together.

NY State Republican party dinner wasn't all organizers had hoped

The state Republican Party held its annual dinner in New York City last night, five days before the state's Presidential primary. As Karen DeWitt reports, only one of the remaining candidates was scheduled to speak at the dinner, and it wasn't Mitt Romney.  Go to full article
George Pataki at Friday's Republican Convention
George Pataki at Friday's Republican Convention

In fiery GOP convention address, Pataki says Obama "stealing from our future"

Republicans gathered in Rochester Friday to pick a candidate to challenge Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Former governor George Pataki was the keynote speaker at the Republican convention in Rochester. Pataki praised the current Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, saying Cuomo's "made some very positive steps."

But Pataki gave a fiery speech against President Barack Obama and he says this year's election is a fight for the very "soul" of the nation.  Go to full article
The GOP's elephant mascot at Friday's convention
The GOP's elephant mascot at Friday's convention

GOP Senate candidate Turner will go at Gillibrand "full blast"

Three candidates will be on the ballot in the Republican primary race for the US Senate seat now held by Kirsten Gillibrand.

New York City Attorney Wendy Long received the most votes in Friday's Republican convention in Rochester, with around 47%. Long, a New York City attorney, says she has many similarities with Gillibrand, both are working mothers who graduated from Dartmouth College. But Long says her political philosophy is "1980s Ronald Reagan conservative." She calls Gillibrand the "number one most-liberal" Senator in the US Senate.

Long was followed by Congressman Bob Turner and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, they both received just over the 25% required to avoid seeking petitions. Of the three, Turner is the most recent entry into the race.  Go to full article
Tempers are kind of flaring in a way that you dont often see in Vermont politics, especially local Vermont politics.

Burlington mayor's race: a primer

"Politics" are different in Vermont's largest city. Since 1985, a successful third party, the Progressive party, has dominated local government there. Progressive voters essentially sent Sen. Bernie Sanders to Congress after re-electing him mayor of Burlington for successive terms.

But for the first time in almost 30 years, there's no Progressive running for mayor this year.

Paul Heintz covers politics for 7 Days, an alternative weekly newspaper based in Burlington. He says this race isn't so much about issues as personalities and shifting loyalties. And he says that even though there's no Progressive on the ballot, those votes will still make a difference.

He told Sarah Harris there's a history of bad blood between Progressives and Democrats, and this race is a bit of a turf battle.  Go to full article
The Occupy Albany encampment in early November. Photo: Karen DeWitt
The Occupy Albany encampment in early November. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany arrests prompt legal showdown

About a dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters were back in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan's financial district early this morning, talking and trying to stay awake. A judge ruled yesterday that the protesters could return to the park but could not set up camp, or sleep there.

They sat on the park's marble benches, occasionally chanting. About 30 police officers were looking on.

A new poll finds many New Yorkers are supportive of the Occupy movement, and a majority believes they should be allowed to remain in the parks 24 hours a day.

Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn't agree. He's directed state police to arrest demonstrators in Albany.

Protesters have camped out at the city's Academy Park since October 21st. Since this past weekend, dozens have been arrested for crossing into adjacent state-run Lafayette Park.
Demonstrators say they will keep challenging the curfew until the arrests stop. That's set up a three-way showdown between protesters, the governor, and the local prosecutor.

And now, the governor is being asked to appoint a special prosecutor to follow through with those arrests.
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