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There was no vote so there was no representation.

Suit would block NY cap and trade carbon auctions

A political activist from western New York is suing the state over its involvement in a 10-state carbon-trading program.

Lisa Thrun heads up the grassroots campaign for the New York chapter of Americans for Prosperity. She's also the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the state's participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Thrun's lawsuit alleges that cap-and-trade policies in New York are placing an undue burden on taxpayers. The suit also claims that lawmakers didn't get a chance to properly vet the state's commitment to the program.  Go to full article
We needed cash and we needed it fast. The state was literally running out of money.

Cash strapped states divert climate change money for other projects

Last week, New York and nine other Northeastern states auctioned off millions of carbon pollution credits to power companies.

Companies that pollute more, and create more greenhouse gases, have to buy more credits. The program is designed to reward more environmentally-friendly energy producers, while also raising tens of millions of dollars to fund conservation.

But critics say some states have begun using the cap-and-trade system as an invisible tax, spending the revenue on projects that have nothing to do with the environment or climate change. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

New York forestland could provide carbon credit to polluters

As global leaders work on a cooperative strategy to reduce global warming in Copenhagen, Congress is also considering a proposal to set limits on carbon dioxide emissions in the U. S. As part of a collaboration with northeast stations, Rachel Ward of WXXI in Rochester reports on the growing interest in offering carbon credits to polluters in exchange for preserving forest land.  Go to full article

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