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News stories tagged with "rivers"

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Inaugurated

Yesterday in Old Forge, volunteer groups and local officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the new Northern Forest Canoe trail. The trail begins at the town beach and follows a string of rivers and lakes all the way into Maine.  Go to full article

Big Clean-Up Of River PCBs

There's a plan in place to clean up a PCB-contaminated river. It could be one of the most comprehensive, and most expensive, river cleanups ever done in North America. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Patty Murray has more.  Go to full article

Manmade Islands Stir Debate

For more than a hundred years, man has made changes to rivers and lakes. Locks, dams and redirecting waterways has raised water levels and increased river flows. One effect has been the near disappearance of islands that once provided habitat for fish, plants and birds. Some groups are trying to rebuild those islands. But the concept of a man-made island is not universally accepted. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Jonathan Ahl reports.  Go to full article

Re-Creating the Raquette

The Raquette River has seen several incarnations of economic development in the North Country: first fishing and logging, then sandstone mining and hydroelectric generation. A group of businesses and citizens want to start a new economic era for the state's second largest river based on tourism and recreation. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

New Invasives Bill Calls for Cooperation

Lawmakers have introduced a bill that they hope will reinvigorate the fight against aquatic invasive species. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Mark Brush reports.  Go to full article

The Art of Flyfishing

This is a busy time of the year for trout guides and fly-fishing instructors. Todd Moe previews a flycasting clinic tomorrow night in Sacketts Harbor.  Go to full article

EPA To Give States Clean-Up Authority?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to give states more authority to decide whether to clean up pollution in rivers and lakes. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article

Mapping Canadian Groundwater

Canadian researchers are studying groundwater in the Great Lakes basin to determine if the water supply will meet the future needs of humans and wildlife. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly has this report.  Go to full article

Senator Clinton Address St. Lawrence River and Ft. Drum Issues on North Country Visit

New York's junior U.S. Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, visited the North Country this weekend. Her 3-day visit began with a boat ride on the St. Lawrence River near Clayton Friday morning. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

EPA, GE May Work Together On Hudson Clean-up

After years of bitter fighting, General Electric and the Environmental Protection Agency are moving ahead with plans to dredge the Hudson River. GE is giving signs that it may work with the EPA - instead of filing legal action to block the clean-up. Federal officials are also offering compromise. Brian Mann has this update.  Go to full article

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