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Photo: Thomas Belknap, Rochester NY.
Photo: Thomas Belknap, Rochester NY.

Kodak owes billions

Rochester-based Eastman Kodak formally filed for bankruptcy yesterday. That gives the company the opportunity to restructure and continue. But the company owes a lot of money to a lot of people. As the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward reports, Kodak has debts of nearly $7 billion.  Go to full article
Many of us are natives here, that grew up in this town. A little snow never hurt any of us.

Occupy protesters prepping for winter

The Occupy Wall Street movement is facing twin threats: growing impatience with the protestors' tent cities from local officials, and winter.

The Innovation Trail checked in with Occupy movements across New York to see how they're fairing. We begin in Albany, where Marie Cusick reports that protestors are determined to voice their frustrations with the state of the economy, and the state of New York.  Go to full article

Rochester microbrewery gains national attention

Craft beer has proven recession-proof. With sales climbing as the overall beer market remains flat, a pair of friends decided to turn a hobby into a business. As the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward reports, Rochester's newest microbrewery is now getting national attention.  Go to full article

New diesel additive could cut fuel costs

With oil prices skyrocketing, transportation companies around the country are struggling to cope with higher fuel costs. But as the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward reports, a Rochester company is using nanotechnology to help ease the pain.  Go to full article

Governor meets with newspapers in Rochester

With all the heat he's getting in Albany, Governor Paterson is touring the state, defending his budget and his candidacy. He was in Rochester yesterday. On the way into the sit-down with upstate newspapers, he passed through a gauntlet of budget protesters. Advocates for the disabled had staked the building out -- the governor promised them a meeting Monday. Once in the building, he faced another tough audience. Rachel Ward reports.  Go to full article

Clarkson pres meets with upstate biz leaders on EZ

Business leaders from across the state met yesterday in Rochester to talk about New York's troubled Empire Zone program. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Spitzer Begins Statewide Campaign Tour

The Democratic party's designated choice for governor has launched a bus tour of the state -- making his first stop in Rochester. Elliot Spitzer and running mate David Patterson spoke at Anthony Square near the Susan B. Anthony House. Bud Lowell was there.  Go to full article

Former President Clinton Visits Western NY

Former President Bill Clinton visited western New York yesterday. He met with Democrats and potential Republican candidate for governor Thomas Golisano. Clinton started out talking to students at the Rochester Institute of Technology yesterday about the power of individuals to work for public good. But he spent nearly as much time talking about America's health care problems after a question from a student. Bud Lowell in Rochester has more.  Go to full article

Bush Touts Social Security Reform in Rochester

President Bush visited western New York Tuesday to garner support for his ideas on changing the nation's Social Security system. Bud Lowell reports from Rochester.  Go to full article

Speed Limits for Snowmobiles Proposed

Assemblyman Joseph Morelle from Rochester has proposed a snowmobile speed limit for New York. Police support the idea but think it might be tough to enforce. Greg Warner reports.  Go to full article

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