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James Moore has written two critical accounts of Rove's career
James Moore has written two critical accounts of Rove's career

Karl Rove's legacy helps shape 2008 campaign

Over the last decade, no political figure has changed the dynamic of American elections more than Karl Rove. Rove left the White House last year, after helping to engineer George Bush's dramatic rise to the presidency and serving as one of the Administration's most influential advisers. Rove's legacy has been tainted by the Valerie Plame affair, where a CIA operative's name was leaked to the press. Rove has also drawn fire from fellow Republicans, following the sharp decline in President Bush's popularity, and following the GOP's disastrous performance in the 2006 mid-term elections. Jim Moore is an author and journalist from Texas. He has co-authored two books about Rove, one called Bush's Brain and the most recent titled The Architect. Moore visited the North Country recently and spoke with Brian Mann about Rove's role in this year's political campaign.  Go to full article

Rove Says Liberals Have Been Soft on Terrorism

Governor Pataki refused to criticize comments made by President Bush's top aid, Karl Rove, at a Conservative Party dinner in New York Wednesday night. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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