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A 19th century engraving of music and dance at an Adirondack loggers camp. <br />
A 19th century engraving of music and dance at an Adirondack loggers camp.

High praise for TAUNY's music website

TAUNY's music website explores the rich music-making traditions that have evolved over generations in the Adirondack region. It recently won a prestigious Award of Merit from the Upstate History Alliance. Website reviewers applauded the project's "accessibility and quality." Todd Moe talks with musician and historian Dave Ruch, who was project director for the website.  Go to full article

Preview: a weekend of old-time Adirondack music

NCPR is media sponsor for "An Evening of Old-Time Adirondack Music" this Saturday night at 7 o'clock at the historic Edwards Opera House. It's part of a weekend of events honoring regional music. It also celebrates the launch of a new Traditional Arts in Upstate New York website devoted to music and musicians. Todd Moe talks with musician, historian and folklorist Dave Ruch about the new website and a weekend of music and conversation.  Go to full article

New CD celebrates old Adirondack music

Musician and folklorist Dave Ruch's new CD includes song material found in dusty archives, diaries and obscure songbooks. The Oldest was Born First includes traditional songs and tunes interpreted with guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and voice. Ruch lives in Buffalo but spends summers in the Adirondacks, and travels the state for research and concerts. Thursday night, from 7-9, he'll play and tell the stories behind some of the songs from his new CD at Traditional Arts in Upstate New York in Canton. Todd Moe has this preview.  Go to full article

UpNorth Music: Dave Ruch

In addition to being a skilled musician, Dave Rush is a scholar of traditional music in the Adirondacks. Part of his job as an educator is to offer special programs in schools all over the state. For his UpNorth Music session last summer, he sang and played guitar, mandolin and octave mandolin. After the session he spoke with Jill Breit.  Go to full article

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