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Adirondack Council's ties to APA scrutinized
Adirondack Council's ties to APA scrutinized

Critics, lawsuit claim Adirondack Council sways APA decisions unfairly

For years, critics have claimed that a prominent environmental group called the Adirondack Council holds too much sway over decisions made by the Adirondack Park Agency. Nearly half of the public members now sitting on the Park Agency commission are former members of the Council's board of directors. State officials say safeguards are in place, preventing any outside group from influencing the APA's deliberations unfairly. But a lawsuit filed in November claims that Park Agency worked secretly with the Council, targeting a real estate developer in Clinton County. Brian Man has our special report.  Go to full article

Businessman sues Adirondack green group for $2.1 million

An Adirondack businessman is suing the Adirondack Council, hoping to win more than 2 million dollars in damages. Leroy Douglas, from the town of Black Brook, claims that the green group intervened illegally in a state enforcement case involving his property. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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