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Ruth Garner and Anne Malone
Ruth Garner and Anne Malone

StoryCorps: A Potsdam mother remembers her son

StoryCorps is an oral history project based on the idea that the stories of everyday people are the most important and interesting of all. At permanent StoryCorps booths in New York and mobile booths traveling the country, history is being captured daily. Last July, when a StoryCorps mobile booth stopped in Canton, its visitors included Anne Malone, who interviewed her friend, former Potsdam mayor Ruth Garner. Garner remembers her son, a doctor in San Francisco, who died of AIDS in the early 80's.  Go to full article
Ruth Garner
Ruth Garner

Potsdam Mayor Reelected by Write-in

The results are still unofficial at this point, but it looks like mayor Ruth Garner has won another term as Potsdam mayor in a rare write-in victory. Jody Tosti has more.

Write-in candidates for village trustee seats, Democrats George Regan and Helen Brouwer, were also reelected.  Go to full article

"60 Minutes" to Profile Potsdam's Mayor

At Wednesday's career fair at Clarkson, a crew from CBS' "60 Minutes" was videotaping Potsdam Mayor Ruth Garner for a documentary on aging and retirement. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Potsdam Mayor Ruth Garner Stopped at Hancock Field by Terror Attack

Potsdam Mayor Ruth Garner's plans to travel to Washington DC were halted Tuesday morning after the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Todd Moe reports.  Go to full article

Green Thumb Honors Potsdam Mayor Ruth Gaynor in Washington

A conversation with Potsdam mayor Ruth Garner. The 85-year-old is being honored this week in Washington DC. Garner has been named this year's Outstanding Old Worker by Green Thumb, Inc.  Go to full article

Potsdam Mayor Ruth Garner Honored as "Older Worker,"

Ruth Garner will be honored today as Northern New York's Most Outstanding Older Worker. At 85, Garner is in her sixth term as mayor of Potsdam. Todd Moe asked her what she's most proud of as mayor.  Go to full article

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