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2 Or More
2 Or More

About 2 Or More

This group of young Christian musicians, led by Janelle Gmitter, took the name of their band from a verse in the Bible which says that God will be present where two or more are gathered in his name. They regard their performances as an act of devotion, though they are happy that their sweet, upbeat melodies appeal to general audiences too. They recorded with us November 11, 2006 in Sackets Harbor.  Go to full article
Dave Southcott, Steve Maxon, Djere Maxon and Thomas Maxon.
Dave Southcott, Steve Maxon, Djere Maxon and Thomas Maxon.

About Maxon

Great vocal harmonies and a great sense of humor characterize this band composed of three brothers and a close friend. Most of Maxon's repertoire is Christian music, but they play a range of songs from Broadway shows, Brittany Spear and even Kermit the Frog.  Go to full article

Preview: Buffalo UU Choir in Saranac Lake

The Adirondack Unitarian Universalist Community hosts a concert by the UU Church of Buffalo Choir this Saturday evening (7 pm) at the United Methodist Church in Saranac Lake. They'll also perform Sunday afternoon (2 pm) in Saratoga Springs. Todd Moe talks with choir director Barbara Wagner who has directed the group since 1962.  Go to full article

Blessings & Beats: Passover Hip-Hop Style

Tonight is the second night of the Jewish holiday, Passover. Jews around the world will sit down for a ritual dinner called a "seder". They'll retell the biblical story of the Jewish slaves' exodus from Egypt. A Montreal-based music producer has recast the Passover seder for the hip-hop generation. Socalled - alias Josh Dolgin - used rappers, Yiddish and klezmer samples, and funky beats to make "The SoCalled Seder - A Hip Hop Haggadah". The CD cover shows a matzah on a record turntable. The songs include "the 10 Plagues", all four cups of wine, and L.M.P.G. - Let My People Go. David Sommerstein spoke with SoCalled about the surprising similarities between Passover and Hip-Hop.  Go to full article

Preview: Gospel Music at SLU

When you think about music in the North Country, gospel may not be at the top of your list. But in the last few years some dedicated singers at St. Lawrence University have been trying to put it on the musical map in this region. And next weekend, several prominent gospel musicians will spend a few days in Canton for a workshop and concert at St. Lawrence University. It's a unique opportunity for singers of all skill levels to learn more about the music. Joel Hurd has a preview.  Go to full article

Music: Master Flutist Yoshio Kurahashi

Yoshio Kurahashi is one of Japan's great master shakuhachi flute players. He's performed on the evocative bamboo instrument for more than 40 years and has garnered esteem and accolades from across the world. Earlier this month, Yoshio Kurahashi was a guest at the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa. The embassy presented a free concert, at the National Gallery Theatre, as a New Year's gift to the community. The recital also featured Yoko Hirono Itatani on the koto, or Japanese floor harp. Lucy Martin spoke with Yoshio Kurahashi and recorded music from the concert. She asked him about the significance of New Year's in Japanese culture.  Go to full article
The power of the voice: "shaped note" singers in DeKalb, NY.
The power of the voice: "shaped note" singers in DeKalb, NY.

The Enduring Appeal of Shaped Note Singing

Each week across the country, thousands of people meet in churches, schools and homes to perform one of the oldest styles of American music. It's called "shaped note" singing. The name comes from the simple musical notation used in the songbooks. The tradition of the shape note singing school dates back to Elizabethan England, and for years, shaped-note music was a southern phenomenon. But it's just as popular in many northern states. Singers sit around a square. There are no instruments -- just the power of voices. Todd Moe recently attended a shaped-note workshop led by "Social Band", a Vermont based singing group, at the Old Meetinghouse Museum in the St. Lawrence county community of East DeKalb.  Go to full article

Gospel Choir Keeps Faith in Blue Mt. Lake

A Baltimore gospel choir returned to Blue Mt. Lake last weekend, for a cultural as well as spritual exchange. Elizabeth Folwell sent us this postcard.  Go to full article
William Hamilton is Director of the Chicago Mass Choir
William Hamilton is Director of the Chicago Mass Choir

SLU Hosts Gospel Weekend

St. Lawrence University will host a gospel workshop and concert led by William Hamilton of the Grammy Award-nominated Chicago Mass Choir this weekend. Todd Moe has a preview.  Go to full article
Church of the Transfiguration
Church of the Transfiguration

Preview: Gospel Music in Blue Mountain Lake

The Church of the Transfiguration hosts the gospel group "Expressions of faith" this weekend. The Baltimore-based ensemble will perform a series of "floating" concerts from the Blue Mountain Lake Boat Livery at various camps on the lake. Their main concert is Sunday morning at 9:30 at the church in Blue Mountain Lake. Todd Moe chats with the Reverend Lyman "Barney" Farnham about the gospel choir and the historic church.  Go to full article

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