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How art helps build communities, economies

The Adirondack North Country Association's annual meeting at Great Camp Sagamore Thursday will focus on arts, cultural and historical groups as economic engines in the region. Small business owners, community leaders, and arts and cultural non-profits will share how their work is building communities and local economies. Todd Moe spoke with ANCA executive director Kate Fish and consulting crafts program coordinator Nadia Korths about digging deep into the issue of the arts and economic growth.  Go to full article

Arts and the healing process

The annual Arts and Healing Retreat for Women has expanded to include two events in the Adirondacks this fall. Todd Moe has a preview.  Go to full article
Steve Hayes
Steve Hayes

Preview: Out in the Adirondacks

Steve Hayes is obsessed with some of the stars of the classic movie era of the 40s and 50s. The actor/comedian starred in the movie Trick, and won Outstanding Actor at the International New York Fringe Theatre Festival in 2006. You can catch Steve this Friday night at Great Camp Sagamore in a performance of Hollywood Reunion - an autobiographical work. He is also the host for "Out in the Adirondacks," a weekend of arts and the outdoors for the GLBT community and friends. Todd Moe asked Steve Hayes about the story behind Hollywood Reunion.  Go to full article
Thousand Islands author, historian and architect Paul Malo at Carleton Villa on Carleton Island. Photo: Ian Coristine
Thousand Islands author, historian and architect Paul Malo at Carleton Villa on Carleton Island. Photo: Ian Coristine

Remembering Paul Malo's passion for preservation

The North Country lost one of its most influential voices for history and preservation this summer. Paul Malo, architect, author and advocate for all things historic and special in the Thousand Islands and the Adirondacks passed away last month in Granby, New York. He was 78. For many years, Malo discovered and documented some of the hidden treasures in the region, from Thousand Island Park on Wellesley Island to Sagamore, an Adirondack great camp. Todd Moe has this remembrance.  Go to full article

Arts and healing retreat enters 10th season

The Adirondack Arts and Healing Retreat begins its tenth season this summer. The annual gathering at Great Camp Sagamore for women with cancer and chronic illness uses music, visual arts, yoga, writing, storytelling and nature walks to help women deal with their disease. Women at the Arts and Healing retreat say the rural setting of Great Camp Sagamore helps them slow down and focus. There are two retreats this summer, in July and September. Retreat co-founder and storyteller Fran Yardley tells Todd Moe that this year also marks a new chapter; the organization has a new name, "Creative Healing Connections, Inc." and a website. For more information, call Fran at 518-359-9324, or Sagamore at 315-354-5311.  Go to full article
Matt Damon & Angelina Jolie (Photo:  Universal Pictures)
Matt Damon & Angelina Jolie (Photo: Universal Pictures)

North Country's Cold War history revived at Sagamore

A Hollywood film now in theaters puts the North Country squarely in the middle of America's Cold War history. Deer Island, in the Thousand Islands, was used as a secretive retreat by Yale University and by an exclusive club called the Skull and Bones Society. According to "The Good Shepherd," a new film by Robert DeNiro, members of the Skull and Bones drafted the blueprint for the modern CIA. "The Good Shepherd" was filmed in 2005 at Sagamore, the great camp in the Adirondacks once owned by the Vanderbilts. Brian Mann spoke about the project with Beverly Bridger, the executive director at Sagamore, and with associate director Michael Wilson.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 11/17/05

Town officials respond to a lawsuit against Walmart in Potsdam. A conversation with the master of the social message soap opera. And a great camp caretaker.  Go to full article

Sagamore Hosts Hollywood Celebs

A historic landmark in the Adirondacks served as the backdrop for a major motion picture last week when part of the upcoming feature "The Good Shepherd," starring Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon, was filmed at the Great Camp Sagamore. As Chris Knight reports, several local motels and hotels were booked with cast and crew from the production.  Go to full article
The main lodge at Camp Sagamore (above), and a view of Sagamore Lake (below)
The main lodge at Camp Sagamore (above), and a view of Sagamore Lake (below)

People, Places, Things: Camp Sagamore Caretaker Bob Heinsler

Every so often during The 8 O'Clock Hour, we'll introduce you to a North Country resident. It could be your neighbor or a friend--someone with an odd job or a story to tell. Today, we meet a man who is the caretaker of one of the grandest of the Adirondack great camps. Bob Heinsler is the superintendent at Great Camp Sagamore, near Raquette Lake. He's one of the behind-the-scenes heroes of the Great Camps. For the last 20 years, Heinsler's job has been maintaining and restoring a complex of 27 buildings, deep in the woods. All of them a century old. He gave Todd Moe a tour of some of his favorite places at Sagamore.  Go to full article

Preview: Arts in Healing Weekend at Sagamore

The 6th annual Adirondack Arts in Healing Weekend at Great Camp Sagamore near Raquette Lake will be September 17th - 19th. It's a weekend of music, stories and nature walks for women with cancer and chronic illnesses. Todd Moe previews this year's retreat with organizer Fran Yardley. For more information, call 518-359-9324 or 315-354-5311.  Go to full article

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