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Capt. Dan Moreland at the helm of the <i>Picton Castle</i>.
Capt. Dan Moreland at the helm of the Picton Castle.

Pay tuition, sail a ship

The Picton Castle sets sail today down the St. Lawrence River, on its way to the Carribean Islands. It's a 100-foot tall ship retrofitted like a commercial sailing ship of the 19th century. And for a fee, you can ride aboard, as a member of the crew. The Picton Castle is a training ship, owned by a company in Nova Scotia. About 40 "trainees" will set sail this year. They'll help stand watch, and take workshops in seamanship, navigation, and the other arts of square-rig sailing. Gregory Warner stopped by the ship when it was docked in Kingston, Ontario. He met a former crew member, revisiting the ship after a long absence.  Go to full article

A Summer Sail on the St. Lawrence

David Sommerstein hitches a ride on Jim Benvenuto's "Gypsy Wind" near Chippewa Bay, following in the wake of rumrunners, hermits, and other river rats.  Go to full article

Preview: Festival of Oar, Paddle and Sail

The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton hosts the Fifth Annual Festival of Oar, Paddle and Sail this Saturday, July 20th. From sailing races to a cardboard boat parade, museum spokeswoman Charlotte Yehle says this year's event is the biggest yet.  Go to full article

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