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Fire contract dispute smoulders in Saranac lake

Three towns in the Adirondacks have been without full fire and rescue coverage since the start of the New Year. Officials from Harrietstown, Brighton and Santa Clara - all in Franklin County - have refused to sign new contracts with the Village of Saranac Lake. Some of the towns have criticized the village's decision to switch to an assessment-based formula for fire contracts while others have accused the village of failing to negotiate in good faith. As Chris Knight reports, local firefighters have been put in the middle of the dispute.  Go to full article

No Foul Play in Collapse of Bridge Near Santa Clara

The Department of Environmental Conservation has determined there was no criminal activity involved in the collapse of a bridge in the Champion lands in September. But, as Chris Knight reports, a criminal investigation continues to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed another nearby bridge the same day.  Go to full article

State Announces Adirondack Campground Repairs

Campgrounds and trails in the Adirondacks will receive more than two million dollars for maintenance projects. The state funding was announced Wednesday by Environmental Conservation commissioner Erin Crotty. She appeared at a ceremony at the Fish Creek campground near Tupper Lake. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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