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Photo: <a href="">mlhradio</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Photo: mlhradio, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Hundreds of adults say they believe in Santa

A quick disclaimer: this story may not be for children. It addresses the existence of a certain man who lives in the North Pole.

The Siena College Research Institute does regular public opinion surveys in a wide range of areas, varying from politics to business to culture. On Wednesday, Siena released the results of a special survey about the holiday season in New York.

One of the survey questions asked adults what they think about Santa Claus, and far more grown-ups than you might think said they believe.  Go to full article
Tremblay with 8-year-old Dana Abozmal. Photo: Karen Kelly
Tremblay with 8-year-old Dana Abozmal. Photo: Karen Kelly

Ottawa social worker is also Santa

With the requisite white beard and round belly, Raymond Tremblay looks like Santa Claus, even when he isn't wearing his red suit.

Tremblay is the official Santa for Canada Post, and the Rideau Centre in Ottawa. He's also Santa at his day job at the Shepherds of Good Hope, a homeless shelter in Ottawa.

Tremblay employs the same skills as a social worker as he does in the red velvet suit.  Go to full article

NORAD Tracks Santa

David Sommerstein tells the story of the North American Aerospace Defense Command's tracking of Santa Claus. NORAD derives its history from a presidential meeting on the railroad tracks of St. Lawrence County.  Go to full article

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