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Sarah Minor, happy to have a cubicle she can call her own.
Sarah Minor, happy to have a cubicle she can call her own.

Story 2.0 - a journalism student finds a job after a long search

A Story 2.0 today, where we follow-up with people we've reported on in the past. Last year as a part of our Year of Hard Choices series, we met Sarah Minor, a photojournalism graduate from Syracuse University. She was living with her parents in St. Lawrence County while looking for a job. It was 2008 and 2009, the depth of the Recession, and newspapers were laying off reporters and photographers in droves. She moved to Chicago and got a part-time job with Suburban Life. The company owns 14 weekly papers in the area. She adapts print stories for the website, researching sidebar topics and adding links to stories. And she gets to do the occasional photo shoot. Last week, Sarah was hired full-time. She spoke with David Sommerstein during one of her first morning commutes as a full-time worker.  Go to full article

A Year of Hard Choices: Tough times at the animal shelter

To many of us our pets are part of the family. Now with the recession some families are having to split up. As a part of our series, A Year of Hard Choices, our intern Sarah Minor looked into the effects of the recession on the Potsdam Humane Society. Here's today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: A Japanese card game in Massena

Go to the Massena Public Library on the first and third Saturdays of any month, and you'll find teenagers dueling, Yu Gi Oh style. Yu Gi Oh is a trading card game based on Japanese anime cartoons. It's like a Dungeons and Dragons for a new generation. James Roscha sponsors the regular tournaments. He and one of his Yu Gi Oh proteges are the subjects of today's Heard Up North. Sarah Minor produced this story.  Go to full article

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