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News stories tagged with "saranac-lake-central-school"

Maelstrom Percussion Wraps Up North Visit

A profile of the Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble, the Buffalo-based group is working with students in the Plattsburgh area, and wrapping up their visit with a concert at the Saranac Central School this Sunday. Joel Hurd has a profile.  Go to full article

Saranac Lake Drops "Racist" Mascot Name: Some Say Vote Heralds Change Across New York State

After fifty years, the Saranac Lake Central School has decided to drop its team mascot name. The District school board voted 6-to-1 last night to retire the name "Redskins," a term which some in the community describe as insensitive or even racist. As Brian Mann reports, many of the school's students and alumni oppose the change. Others say schools across the north country will soon have to follow the district's lead.  Go to full article

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