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Composer Glenn McClure.  Photo: McClure Productions, Inc.
Composer Glenn McClure. Photo: McClure Productions, Inc.

Hearing historic voices of freedom, again, through song

New music will be performed tonight and tomorrow in Saranac Lake and North Elba as part of the John Brown Day events. Voices of Timbuctoo is a new work based on the Adirondack settlement of Black farmers in the mid-1800's designed to secure voting rights. Abolitionist Gerrit Smith gave away 120,000 acres of his land, beginning in 1846, hoping the Adirondack wilderness would offer refuge to black families.

Voices of Timbuctoo, is an oratorio written by western New York composer Glenn McClure. It's part of what he calls a Musical Freedom Trail. Some of his other works written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation have been performed in Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and later this month in Rochester.

McClure says his research for the oratorio included reading through diaries, letters and documents featuring the words of Gerrit Smith, John Brown, and the individuals who worked on the land that Smith had provided. McClure told Todd Moe that these texts illustrate hope and promise.  Go to full article
Kim and Reggie Harris.
Kim and Reggie Harris.

Kim and Reggie Harris bring "Dream Alive" to Saranac Lake

Kim and Reggie Harris will bring their music and stories of the Underground Railroad and the modern civil rights movement to Saranac Lake tonight and tomorrow. The duo combine a strong folk and gospel legacy along with a solid background in classic, rock and pop music.

They'll perform songs of peace and freedom tonight, 7:30 pm, at Saranac Village at Will Rogers, and use their music to teach students at Saranac Lake Central School more about Harriet Tubman and Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior. Reggis Harris told Todd Moe that their music is meant to entertain and inspire.  Go to full article

NYS parents rally against new, tougher standardized tests

New York public school students in grades three through eight start taking standardized tests Tuesday. But some parents in Saranac Lake, Plattsburgh and elsewhere are rallying against the tests.  Go to full article
Caperton Tissot with an antique ice saw at the ice palace in Saranac Lake.  Photo: Andy Flynn.
Caperton Tissot with an antique ice saw at the ice palace in Saranac Lake. Photo: Andy Flynn.

Adirondack Attic: how they cut the ice for the frozen palace

We continue our series, the Adirondack Attic, with Andy Flynn. You may know Andy from his series of Adirondack Attic books on local history. He uses the objects people make, use and leave behind to tell stories about the life and times of the region. NCPR is collaborating with Andy and his sources at the Adirondack Museum and other historical associations and museums in the region to bring these stories to air.

Today, Andy Flynn visits the ice palace in Saranac Lake for a conversation with historian and author Caperton Tissot about cutting ice blocks for the palace and using an antique ice saw.  Go to full article
A yellow submarine floats through the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Parade (Photo: Courtesy of Karen Davidson)
A yellow submarine floats through the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Parade (Photo: Courtesy of Karen Davidson)

Anatomy of a Winter Carnival Parade

This weekend marked the close of Saranac Lake's 116th Winter Carnival. One of the big draws every year is the home-made parade.

Dozens of floats and marchers make their way through the heart of the village, in an event that's one part New Orleans Mardi Gras and one part backyard theater.

The trick each year is to match the theme of the Winter Carnival as cleverly as possible, using materials that range from cardboard to old garbage can lids to yarn.  Go to full article
<i>A Cold and Lonely Place</i> is the sequel to <i>Learning to Swim</i>.
A Cold and Lonely Place is the sequel to Learning to Swim.

Book review: A Cold and Lonely Place

In the opening scene of Sara J. Henry's new novel, a body is found in Lake Flower, frozen into the ice near the village of Saranac Lake. Betsy Kepes has this review of A Cold and Lonely Place.  Go to full article
A Common Pochard, a rare European duck, found among other ducks on Lake Champlain earlier this month.  Photo: Larry Master
A Common Pochard, a rare European duck, found among other ducks on Lake Champlain earlier this month. Photo: Larry Master

A record season for counting birds in Saranac Lake

Record numbers of bird species were counted recently during the Christmas Bird Count in the Saranac Lake area. Larry Master, longtime birder and wildlife photographer, says the Saranac Lake count broke a 47-year-old record for the number of bird species seen and the number of birders counting in the field. Fifty species were seen by 46 birders in the field, also a record for Saranac Lake.

Larry Master has been counting birds all his life. He took over compiling the Saranac Lake results in 1974. He says there was exciting birding news in the first week of the new year when a Common Pochard, a European duck, was sighted among several other very rare ducks, like the Tufted Duck and Barrow's Goldeneye, that gather near the Champlain Bridge at Crown Point.  Go to full article
Charlie Green.  (photo: Adk Artists' Guild)
Charlie Green. (photo: Adk Artists' Guild)

Saranac Lake artists remember grocer Charlie Green

The Adirondack Artists' Guild opens The Market Show: The Guild Celebrates Charlie Green, at a reception in Saranac Lake tonight. The new exhibit features interpretations of markets far and wide.

The exhibit revolves around Charlie Green, the proprietor of the former Greens Market for 60 years -- from 1927 until just before he passed away in January 1987. Todd Moe spoke with artist Diane Leifheit, who says there will be an installation of stories, photos and artifacts recalling their hometown grocer.  Go to full article
A scene from "Terra Nova." Photo: Pendragon Theatre
A scene from "Terra Nova." Photo: Pendragon Theatre

Theater is bridge between two Saranac Lake organizations

Theater is the bridge in between two very different organizations in Saranac Lake: Pendragon Theater, and St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center.

For each production since 1994, the theater has invited a group from St. Joe's to a dress rehearsal. The theater's latest production is "Terra Nova." A rehearsal last month found the players and the St. Joe's audience together again.  Go to full article

Preview: Robin and Linda Williams in Saranac Lake

Robin and Linda Williams are nearing their 40th anniversary of playing music together, and earlier this year released a new album, These Old Dark Hills. It's filled with a dozen fresh new songs and rich harmonies, including musical tributes to well-loved dogs.

Throughout their career, which has included many performances on A Prairie Home Companion, Robin and Linda Williams have thrilled folk and bluegrass fans alike. They'll bring their band and some of their new music to the Adirondacks this weekend with a concert at Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake on Sunday night at 7 pm. The broadcast audio for this story incorrectly stated the concert time as 8 pm. NCPR regrets the error.

Todd Moe caught up with the duo by phone from their home in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. He asked them about the inspiration for their newest recording.  Go to full article

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