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Hudson Valley, "tech valley"?

New York's biggest investment in technology is in the Hudson Valley Region, where the state lavished more than a billion dollars on Globalfoundries. The microchip company is building a plant in Saratoga County. The hope is other companies will follow.

One of those businesses is Tech Valley Communications - a fiber network service provider. The company recently partnered with an investment firm. As the CEO tells Innovation Trail reporter Dan Bazile, he now has the ability and the capital to compete.  Go to full article
The Batchellerville Bridge was supposed to be replaced beginning last spring (SOURCE: NYSDOT)
The Batchellerville Bridge was supposed to be replaced beginning last spring (SOURCE: NYSDOT)

With Crown Point bridge closed, fears turn to bridge over Great Sacandaga Reservoir

State officials are still scrambling to help residents in the Champlain Valley stranded by closure of the Crown Point Bridge. Construction is expected to begin soon on a new ferry crossing from Crown Point New York, to Addison, Vermont. Now locals in another Adirondack town fear that they too could find themselves stranded. The Batchellerville Bridge crosses the Great Sacandaga Reservoir - and connects the two halves of the town of Edinburg. This summer the aging half-mile span was reduced to one-lane traffic because of structural problems. DOT officials say they're not sure when a new bridge will be ready for construction. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

Prisons to close in Franklin, Saratoga Counties

The Spitzer administration announced on Friday plans to close four New York prisons, including two in the North Country. Camp McGregor in Saratoga County and Camp Gabriels north of Saranac Lake, both minimum security facilities, are both slated to close in 2009. At least 130 jobs will be lost in Franklin County alone. As Brian Mann reports, local officials were shocked by the decision, which came with no advance notice.  Go to full article
Rep. Gillibrand in Saratoga County (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Rep. Gillibrand in Saratoga County (Photo: Brian Mann)

Gillibrand pushes cautiously for end to Iraq war

More positive news has been coming out of Iraq lately, but new polls conducted by the Washington Post and the LA Times show that public sentiment here in the US remains largely negative. In public appearances, President Bush usually speaks only to carefully orchestrated groups of supporters. But rank-and-file members of Congress don't have that luxury. As they travel home for the holidays, Republicans and Democrats alike face fierce questions about the cost and the future of the war. Brian Mann reported recently on North Country Congressman John McHugh's town hall meeting in Plattsburgh. This morning, we'll hear Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand's discussion of the war at session in Saratoga County.  Go to full article
Mural of M3 medium tank with blinding carbon lamp as tested at Camp Bouse AZ. Source: Tanks: Armoured Warfare Prior to 1946 website
Mural of M3 medium tank with blinding carbon lamp as tested at Camp Bouse AZ. Source: Tanks: Armoured Warfare Prior to 1946 website

Heard up North: The Secret "Gizmo" of WWII

It was known as "The Gizmo." After the building of the atomic bombs, it may have been the next best-kept secret of World War Two. During the war, the U-S Army mounted 13-million candlepower carbon lamps on some of its tanks. The idea was to use the bright lights to blind the enemy during night attacks by ground troops. The Army dispatched soldiers to a base in the Arizona desert to test the device. Harold Kelly was one of those soldiers. After more than 60 years, Kelly and other veterans of the top-secret experiment have only recently broken their silence. The 82-year-old retiree from Clifton Park spoke with Gregory Warner. The Gizmo was never used for its original purpose. Instead, it was used to illuminate river crossings.  Go to full article

Books: Haunted Saratoga County

David Pitkin is a Chestertown writer who has collected hundreds of ghost stories from across the region over the past 35 years. He's the author of Saratoga County Ghosts and Ghosts of the Northeast. His latest book, Haunted Saratoga County contains dozens of ghost stories and tales from the southern Adirondacks. Todd Moe spoke with Pitkin about those stories in Saratoga county, which Pitkin says is the most haunted county in America.  Go to full article

Town Requires Affordable Housing

A town on the Northway in Saratoga County has passed a new zoning ordinance that will force developers to include affordable housing in any future real estate developments. Malta officials say the code will protect local workers and their families. Brian Mann has details  Go to full article

Saratoga Tower Project Faces APA Vote

Local officials in Saratoga County are hoping to build 3 controversial broadcast towers on mountain summits inside the Adirondack Park. This week, the APA will decide whether to send the project to a full public hearing. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Saratoga County Jail Doc Blamed For Inmate Death

A state commission says an inmate at the Saratoga County jail committed suicide last spring after failing to receive proper medical and psychiatric care. James Pecor, age 25, had been living in Saranac Lake before his arrest. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Tower Feud: Saratoga County & APA Square Off

The Adirondack Park Agency has worked hard to improve relations with local governments in the region. But last week, a dispute with Saratoga County erupted into public. Town and county officials hope to build three emergency broadcast towers on prominent mountain summits inside the Park. They've accused the Park Agency of delaying a project that's vital for public safety.
APA officials say the towers could do unnecessary harm to forests and scenic views. They say Saratoga County has been uncooperative and has refused to consider more environmentally-friendly technology. As Brian Mann reports, the feud could shape the APA's response to other government-sponsored projects.  Go to full article

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