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News stories tagged with "saratoga"

Paterson unhappy with NYRA decision

In his first major break in policy from his predecessor, Governor Eliot Spitzer, New York Governor David Paterson says he's displeased with an arrangement that gives the New York Racing Association control over horseracing in the state for the next quarter century. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Bruno wants Saratoga spas renovated

The Leader of the State Senate and New York's Parks Commissioner have announced a major investment and renovation of the Saratoga Baths and the surrounding park, following revelations earlier this year that the mineral baths had been mixing in tap water and not telling customers. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
10-year-olds Erin Allen and Sydney Freed became fast friends during "Fabulous Friends with Flying Fingers" rehearsals.
10-year-olds Erin Allen and Sydney Freed became fast friends during "Fabulous Friends with Flying Fingers" rehearsals.

A Show of Hands: Kids Learn Sign Language and Disability Awareness

Deaf theater has been around in grassroots and small-scale forms since the early 1900's, mostly with performances based out of deaf schools and cultural centers. The "Fabulous Friends with Flying Fingers" is a Glens Falls sign language entertainment group comprised of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students from the southern Adirondacks and Saratoga regions. Over the last few years, the group has been busy entertaining audiences, young and old. As Todd Moe reports, for one family, it's enriched the life of their hearing-impaired child.  Go to full article

Red Cross Trains Local Recruits

The Red Cross runs over 300 shelters across the country, with over 60,000 evacuees, and more than 8500 volunteers. Last week Greg Warner spoke to Eileen Reardon, director of the Adirondack Saratoga Chapter of the Red Cross. She said she needed more volunteers. People have responded.

Adirondack-Saratoga Red Cross: 518 792-6545  Go to full article

Red Cross Expands Efforts

In the first days after Hurrican Katrina came ashore, the Red Cross called the disaster-relief effort the largest in its history. It looks worse now. Martha Foley spoke with Eileen reardon, executive director of the Red Cross Adirondack Saratoga Chapter.  Go to full article
Hurricane Katrina relief volunteers from the Adirondack Saratoga Chapter of the Red Cross.
Hurricane Katrina relief volunteers from the Adirondack Saratoga Chapter of the Red Cross.

Red Cross Volunteers Head South

The Red Cross says the response to Hurricane Katrina is the largest natural disaster effort in its history: half a million meals a day, along with water, other supplies, information, and comfort. Volunteers from the Adirondack Saratoga Red Cross Chapter were on their way south even as the hurricane was bearing down on the coast early Monday. They arrived in Baton Rouge last night. Edna Quesnel, Michel Lee and Terry LeMere were out of cell phone contact this morning, but had been in touch with Carmen Rau, director of development and communications for the chapter, last night. Martha Foley caught Rau on her way to work this morning.  Go to full article

Critics Question Need for More Gambling Outlets

Governor Pataki has proposed putting more gambling parlors in New York to fund education. The first gambling "racino" in Saratoga Springs, is a financial success so far, but critics say it and other betting outlets will cause more New Yorkers to become problem gamblers. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Saratoga Company Interested in Kraft Plant?

A Saratoga start-up company may be interested in Kraft's cheese plant in Canton. The plant is slated to close in July, putting 60 people out of work. But as David Sommerstein reports, company officials say a lot needs to happen before the interest becomes more than casual.  Go to full article

Saratoga Track More Popular and More Troubled Than Ever

In a year when the Saratoga Race Course is enjoying new popularity - thanks to Funny Cide and the new Seabiscuit movie - the track's parent company is facing a drum beat of allegations and fines. As Brian Mann reports, the New York Racing Association was fined ten thousand dollars on Thursday.  Go to full article

Promise & Scandal as Saratoga Opens

The New York Racing Association may have it's greatest season yet at the Saratoga Racetrack, with the appearance of the almost Triple Crown winner Funny Cide and the opening of the movie Sea Biscuit. But the troubled racing association is also still smarting from a scathing report by the state Attorney General that focuses on corruption. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article

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