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News stories tagged with "school-funding"

Cuomo: Schools that don't submit evaluations won't get increased state aid

Just two thirds of school districts in New York State have completed new teacher evaluation plans, one month before a deadline imposed by Governor Cuomo. The governor says if the rest don't finish on time, they won't see any increased school aid next year.  Go to full article

New studies show NY school funding not meeting court order

It's been nearly ten years since New York's highest court ruled that the state needed to better fund schools, and an attorney who helped litigate that case says it may be time to head back to court on the issue.

Michael Rebell is director of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Columbia University's Teachers College. His group has just released two studies of "high needs" schools around the state, and found that they aren't meeting minimum state standards.  Go to full article
The legislature and the governor have got to get together and come up with an overall plan, and quickly.

Funding expert: NY schools on "sliding slope" toward fiscal insolvency

Voters across New York state will decide Tuesday whether or not to approve their local school district budgets, and the property tax levies needed to pay for them. School budgets are complicated, to say the least, and they're even more complicated this year because the new 2% property tax increase cap is putting additional limits on what school boards can ask for. Many schools have had to make serious cuts in the last couple years--and are now looking at more.

We heard last week on how one rural school district is trying to balance its financial needs with money coming from local taxes and the state. For a wider view, WRVO's Catherine Loper spoke with Rick Timbs, executive director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium. They spoke about the effect this year's budget cycle will have on schools and the future of education funding in New York--and about new questions raised by the tax cap:  Go to full article

Spitzer's education plans span political spectrum

In his State of the State speech, Governor Eliot Spitzer proposed a number of changes for the state's schools and school funding. As Karen DeWitt reports, the plans included something for everyone, from liberals to conservatives.  Go to full article

How Much Should New York State Spend on School Students?

The group that's suing the state over inequitable school-aid funding has now commissioned a study to find out just how much New York state should be spending on every school child in the state. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Appeals Court Says School-Aid Plan Doing a Good Job

A mid-level appeals court overturned a state Supreme Court judge's ruling that declared the state's school aid distribution formula unconstitutional. The appeals court ruled that the present school-aid structure does provide a sound and basic education for New York students. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

School Funding Case to Be Heard this Month

New York is facing another potential drain on its budget. An appeals court will hear a case later this month on whether the state's school funding system is unconstitutional. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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