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Max at work in his studio.
Max at work in his studio.

Artwork that's really play

Most artists will tell you that art is a career you never retire from. And that's the joy of being an artist. Max Coots is probably best known for having been the Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Canton. He retired in 1992 after nearly 40 years in the pulpit. His well-crafted sermons and meditative poems have been published in books, but his sculptures may come as a surprise. It was only since retiring at the age of 65 that he's been able to pursue his love of art and working with clay. Now in his early 80's, he's proof that you're never too old to follow your passions. Todd Moe has more.

Max Coots will receive an Arts Recognition Award on Saturday as part of the St. Lawrence County Arts Council's Membership Celebration at 4 pm in Potsdam. To be followed by the opening of a new exhibit of his sculptures.  Go to full article

Preview: Tri-Lakes artist studio tour

NCPR is media sponsor for the Tri-Lakes area "Artist at Work Studio Tour" this weekend. The three-day event features more than 30 artists who will open their studio doors to the public to see how a work of art begins. The annual tour is organized by the Adirondack Artists' Guild in Saranac Lake. Todd Moe talks with artist Diane Leifheit, co-organizer of the studio tour.  Go to full article
Van Alstine's piece, "Rings of Unity - Circles of Inclusion"
Van Alstine's piece, "Rings of Unity - Circles of Inclusion"

Art fit for the Olympics

Keep a close eye on the summer Olympics coverage, not just for the athletes but the art, too. Two large, outdoor sculptures with ties to the Adirondacks are in Beijing's Olympic Sculpture Park. The stone and metal pieces are two of fifty outdoor sculptures on display. The exhibition aims to promote international cultural links. Stone sculptors John Van Alstine and Caroline Ramersdorfer visited Beijing last year to supervise the start of construction. Both have installed art in galleries and public spaces around the world. This time, they're among 50 people, 25 from China and 25 from elsewhere, displaying their artwork around Olympic venues. Todd Moe visited their southern Adirondack studio to find out what it's like for artists to make it to the Olympics.  Go to full article
A sculpture by Nader Hasan.
A sculpture by Nader Hasan.

Heard up North: From Montreal, taxidermy inspires sculpture

Nader Hasan, a 25-year-old artist from Montreal, talks about his use of taxidermy in his sculpture.  Go to full article
James Smith sculpts the statue of St. Lawrence
James Smith sculpts the statue of St. Lawrence

Statue honors St. Lawrence River's namesake

Many boaters ply the St. Lawrence, but few likely have a clue who St. Lawrence was. Todd Moe has the story of the third century Spanish saint and a new statue in his honor unveiled this month in Ontario.  Go to full article
Becky Harblin, left, in her garden.
Becky Harblin, left, in her garden.

Becky Harblin: Art in the Garden

Open Studio co-hosts Beth Robinson and Hilary Oak recently joined gardener Becky Harblin at her West Potsdam farm in St. Lawrence County. It was just after a thunderstorm rumbled through and dropped buckets of rain. Becky's backyard and garden plots are filled with herbs, perennials, wildflowers and surrounded by sturdy stone walls. It's a place where everything comes together--nature and art. Scattered among the garden "rooms" are her handmade sculptures.  Go to full article

Ice Sculptor Tim Linhart: Pachabel on Ice

Ice and snow sculpting are signature components of a North Country winter. The ice palace in Saranac Lake, the snow sculpting competition in St. Regis Falls make the best of the seasonal chill. As a warmer sun and longer days bid farewell to the snow, David Sommerstein brings us one last tribute to winter.

Ice sculpting is also popular in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, where David used to live. One creative sculptor crafted a quintet - three basses and two cellos - made almost entirely of ice.  Go to full article

Captain Honk Gives New Meaning to Trash Fish

Trashy fish tales—we revisit the aquatic artwork of Captain Honk. Todd Moe reports.  Go to full article

Norman Hallendy: St. Lawrence Festival of the Arts Guest on Inuit Megaliths

Martha Foley spoke with Norman Hallendy, author of Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the North.  Go to full article

Meet the Masters: Veronica Terrillion, Sculptor, Indian River

Beginning in 1954 with a roadside statue of the Virgin Mary, Veronica Terrillion has created a remarkable thing, a total environment of sculpture on her three-acre homestead in Lewis County. Over 400 images include animals (zebra, deer), religious images (a nativity scene and St. Francis of Assisi), and representations of her family members.  Go to full article

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