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Senior residents at Horace Nye have raised concerns about the sale (NCPR file photo)
Senior residents at Horace Nye have raised concerns about the sale (NCPR file photo)

Essex County supervisors vote 12-6 to sell Horace Nye nursing home

Essex County supervisors voted yesterday to sell the Horace Nye nursing home for $4 million to a corporation called Specialty Care of New York City. Backers of the plan say it will end huge deficits at the facility that have burdened taxpayers.

Opponents questioned whether a for-profit company could care for a hundred poor and elderly residents without cutting corners. Brian Mann was in Elizabethtown and has our story.  Go to full article

Heard up North: Tupper Lake Nursing Home Evacuated

A nursing home in Tupper Lake had to be evacuated last night after the boiler system failed, leaving the building with no heat on one of the coldest nights of the winter.
Patients at Mercy Healthcare Center in Tupper Lake were transported to Sunmount, a nearby mental health facility.
They spent the night on beds and mattresses laid out in the Sunmount community room. 94-year old Rita Chaisson described the experience.  Go to full article

Rouses Point Nursing Home to Close

A nursing home in Rouses Point is closing. The State approved the closure of Cedar Hedge Nursing Home this week. About 40 residents will be displaced, and a staff of 85 will be let go. The closure comes as nursing homes across the state are experiencing financial trouble. A state commission is expected to recommend some nursing home closures by the end of the year. Cedar Hedge administrator and founder Dawn Pollack says the closure didn't come as a surprise.  Go to full article

Heard up North: Navigating New Medicaid Rules

The federal government's new prescription drug plan for Medicaid patients took effect January 1st. And there have been widespread problems. People were denied their medications or charged exorbitant amounts as a result of flaws in the program. Governor Pataki suspended the new rules on Friday as have many other governors.

Mildred Giardano went a week without heart medication while the Franklin Office for the Aging worked on getting her signed up for a plan. Now she's getting her meds, but still paying more for her copay than she can afford.  Go to full article

Letting Nursing Homes Downsize Themselves

Nursing homes care for those seniors least able to care for themselves. It's the most costly kind of elderly care, and Governor Pataki wants to cut $200 million in state funding for the homes, saying that enrollment is on the decline. Some nursing home administrators say they could deal with the problem themselves, if freed from state regulations.  Go to full article
State Senator Betty Little
State Senator Betty Little

Budget Plan Costs Hospitals, Nursing Homes

Pataki is also proposing a tax hike levied on hospitals and nursing homes. According to the Glens Falls Post Star, the Glens Falls hospital could pay as much as $1.4 million more under the proposal. The legislature rejected a similar tax hike plan pushed by the Governor last year. Brian Mann spoke with State Senator Betty Little, a Republican from Queensbury.  Go to full article

Shifting Career Gears in Mid-Life

Many former Ethan Allen employees worked most or all of their careers at the facility. For people in mid-career, transitioning to a new job, perhaps to a completely different line of work, can be very difficult. Frank Kirkey specializes in helping people 55 and older find employment. He's a field operations assistant with Experience Works Incorporated, based in Jefferson and Lewis Counties. He spoke with David Sommerstein. Kirkey says the hardest part of shifting careers is changing a person's mindset.  Go to full article

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