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Books: "Captured by the Russians"

St. Lawrence University alum Charles Burrall returns to campus to sign copies of his book, Captured by the Russians -- A True Story on Saturday. Burrall told Todd Moe that today he lives a relatively quiet life as a school teacher in Maryland. But it wasn't always so. In 1984, he was a crew member on a small ship off the coast of Alaska that was seized by the Soviet Union. Burrall told Todd about his eight-day confinement, relations with his captors and how faith helped play a part in his eventual release. He'll sign copies of his book Saturday, 2-4 pm at the Brewer Bookstore in Canton.  Go to full article

On Patrol With 10th Mountain Division Peacekeepers In Vitina, Kosovo

Some 35,000 NATO soldiers have been stationed in the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo since 1999, when the bitter and bloody ethnic war between Serbs and Albanians ended. The peacekeepers' main mission is to provide a safe and secure environment and to help unravel centuries of ethnic strife so the two peoples can live together.

The Army's 10th Mountain Division--based at Fort Drum near Watertown--took command of the American sector of Kosovo last November. More than 3000 soldiers are now half way through their six-month deployment. David Sommerstein traveled to Kosovo recently as a guest of the Army. He takes us on a walking patrol in the town of Vitina, where Fort Drum soldiers maintain a delicate peace between Serbs and Albanians.  Go to full article

On Patrol With Tenth Mountain Division Peacekeepers

David Sommerstein is in the Serbian province of Kosovo this week, visiting soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum. Since arriving at Camp Bondsteel, the U.S. peacekeeping base, he's been out on patrols.  Go to full article

With the Tenth Mountain Division Peacekeepers in Kosovo

This week David Sommerstein is overseas with the U.S. Army. He's in the Serbian province of Kosovo, visiting with soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division from Fort Drum near Watertown. Over 3000 Fort Drum soldiers have been there since November as a part of a multinational peacekeeping force that includes Italian, German, French, and British troops. David arrived at Camp Bondsteel, a U.S. peacekeeping base in Kosovo, Wednesday morning.  Go to full article

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