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News stories tagged with "seward"

Do incentives really work?

New York relies heavily on perks like tax breaks to induce businesses to come or grow here. According to a study by the Fiscal Policy Institute, the state handed out more than $5-billion in tax incentives last year alone. But as the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward reports, business groups say structural changes are needed if New York wants to boost economic development.  Go to full article
"Frankenpine" (above) and "The Tallest Tree" by Peter Seward
"Frankenpine" (above) and "The Tallest Tree" by Peter Seward

"Stealth Towers" show provokes cell phone discussion

A new exhibition opens tonight in Saranac Lake that looks at the increasingly popular strategy of disguising cell-phone and other communication towers. From fake pine trees to church steeples rigged with antennas, the paintings in "Stealth Towers" show how new technology can alter the look and the meaning of our most traditional symbols. Brian Mann spoke with Lake Placid painter Peter Seward as he was installing the show at Bluseed Studios this week at Bluseed Studios.  Go to full article

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