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A packed meeting on Walmart's offer...
A packed meeting on Walmart's offer...

Residents urge Potsdam to turn down Walmart offer

Village of Potsdam residents gave their elected leaders - and Walmart - an earful last night. Walmart wants to give the village more than $150,000 a year to change its laws and extend its sewer system to a Supercenter under construction outside the village limits. More than 70 people attended a public hearing to weigh in on the proposal. As David Sommerstein reports, most were skeptical and urged trustees to turn down the offer.  Go to full article

Report: Aging Sewer Systems Plague Ontario

A new report finds outdated sewage systems are polluting waters throughout Ontario. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly reports.  Go to full article

New Trust Fund For Nation's Sewer Systems?

A group that represents sewer and water agencies is calling for the creation of a federal trust fund to help rebuild antiquated pipelines. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Mark Brush has more.  Go to full article

Lake Placid: Sewer Woes Delay Development Projects

The village of Lake Placid is scrambling to raise ten million dollars needed to rebuild the sewage treatment plant. Local officials have already doubled water rates - a move that angered many hotel owners. Mayor Robi Politi now says major new development projects - and tourism events - will have to wait until the new plant comes on-line. As Brian Mann reports, some business leaders worry that the sewage bottleneck will derail Lake Placid's prosperity.  Go to full article

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Cleaning up the water we flush down the drain usually means sending it through sewer pipes to sophisticated and expensive municipal wastewater plants. But a new method of cleaning up wastewater begins and ends at the same place. And instead of using chemicals and machinery, it uses plants and animals. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article

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