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From a Walk Against Rape. Photo: Steve Rhodes
From a Walk Against Rape. Photo: Steve Rhodes

National sex assault conversation echoes on North Country campuses

Last week, the White House's Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault announced that colleges aren't doing nearly enough.

Its report rolls out a comprehensive list of steps to help colleges and universities do better: from how they assess the problem, to how to prevent it, to improving how a school responds when a student is assaulted, and getting all those resources out in the open.

The task force's report is turning up a national conversation, one that's happening on campuses right here on the North Country.  Go to full article
Lionesses love the mane. . . Photo: <a href="">Art G</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Lionesses love the mane. . . Photo: Art G, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Lion Manes

Why would a heavy fur cape, like a lion's mane, be appropriate on a tropical savanna?

As with male fashion in humans, it appears the that the lionesses of the Serengeti like it--the thicker and darker, the better. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager talk hair.  Go to full article
Graphic from VT human trafficking task force []
Graphic from VT human trafficking task force []

Joining forces to stop North Country human trafficking

Human trafficking is a growing problem across the country...including here in the North Country. Undocumented farmworkers can be threatened with deportation. Sex workers or foreign brides can be held against their will. Foreign students with visas to work at Adirondack tourism destinations are vulnerable.

Law enforcement and area not-for-profits are joining forces to stop human trafficking in the North Country. Representatives from Homeland Security, the state attorney general's office and labor department, and social service agencies from St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Franklin counties met earlier this month at SUNY Potsdam. They were joined by not-for-profits that help immigrants, domestic violence victims, and other vulnerable people.

Renan Salgado is a human trafficking specialist with the Worker Justice Center of New York. He's organizing the North Country human trafficking task force. He spoke with David Sommerstein.  Go to full article
The Rev. Jane Spahr.
The Rev. Jane Spahr.

"The Stories Cry Out:" a minister advocating for equality in her mainline church

The Rev. Jane Spahr is a Presbyterian minister who has spent the last 30 years advocating for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Presbyterian Church.

She's had ministries in the inner city of Pittsburgh, San Rafael and Oakand, California, and in San Francisco, where she served as pastor in the Castro area - the first out lesbian pastor in the Presbyterian Church. She then was a founder and first executive director of the Spectrum Center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender concerns in San Anselmo, California.

She served for 17 years as the minister director of That All May Freely Serve - an organization that advocates for LGBT people who want to serve in the Presbyterian Church. Spahr is now retired, but she still travels widely to communities, colleges and universities - as she says "evangelizing."

She was in the NCPR studios this morning with the Rev. Kathleen Buckley, chaplain at St. Lawrence University, to talk with Martha Foley.

(Also on campus this week: the Shower of Stoles Project -- a collection of liturgical stoles representing the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of faith. 450 stoles are on display this week in various places on the St. Lawrence University campus - the student center and the chapel among them.)  Go to full article

Reaction spreads as Ortloff arrest details emerge

Former State Assemblyman Chris Ortloff appeared in federal court yesterday to answer charges that he used the Internet to solicit sex with minors. The 61-year-old, who has been serving a six-year term on the State Parole Board, was arrested in a state police sting at a motel in suburban Albany. More details of the police operation and the arrest emerged yesterday. And reaction spread across the North Country. Chris Knight has more  Go to full article

'Serious Predator', Released from Prison, returns to Warren County

A violent felon originally from Queensbury was released from state prison in New Hampshire last week. And police in New Hampshire took the unusual step of alerting Warren County law enforcement that he would be returning. Gregory Warner reports on the man police call a 'serious predator', who served 26 years for stabbing a woman 19 times.  Go to full article

Preview: Clarkson Lecture on History of Sex Education

David Sommerstein talks with Alexandra Lord, a staff historian for the U.S. Public Health Service about the government's sex education campaign.

She'll be speaking in the Cheel Campus Center at Clarkson University in Potsdam at 5pm.  Go to full article

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