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News stories tagged with "sexual-identity-rights"

Fred Phelps (Source:  WBC)
Fred Phelps (Source: WBC)

Radical Anti-Gay Group Targets Plattsburgh Mayor and Local Churches

A radical anti-gay group from Kansas plans to picket churches in Plattsburgh this weekend. The Reverend Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church have targeted Plattsburgh because the city's popular Republican Mayor, Dan Stewart, is an openly gay man. Stewart will host the Mayor's Cup celebration this 4th of July weekend. Phelps is an extremely controversial figure. His organization has begun picketing the funerals of soldiers who die in Iraq. A press release issued by his church says, "Thank God for improvised explosive devices killing Americans in strange lands." According to Phelps, the bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan are God's retribution for America's tolerance of gays. Brian Mann will be covering the story this weekend. He spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article
<i>Tying the Knot</i> will be shown Saturday afternoon at 2 at SLU
Tying the Knot will be shown Saturday afternoon at 2 at SLU

Preview: Tying the Knot

North Country Public Radio is Media Sponsor for the "Out at the Movies" film festival, which begins Thursday night and continues through Monday. The free festival will show documentaries and feature films exploring issues and concerns in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Todd Moe talks with Brooklyn filmmaker Jim de Seve, whose documentary, Tying the Knot, uncovers the many issues behind the topic of same-sex marriage.  Go to full article
Dan Stewart
Dan Stewart

Gay Pride: Plattsburgh Mayor Speaks Out on Marriage & GOP

There are more openly lesbian and gay elected officials now than in any time in history. And contrary to popular belief, they're not all Democrats. Dan Stewart has been the mayor of Plattsburgh, since 2000. Stewart is a Republican, but in recent months he's spoken out against the party's national policies and President Bush's call for a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Stewart spoke last weekend at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists convention in New York City. He was on a panel of gay and lesbian politicians. Stewart is up for re-election this fall in Plattsburgh. He spoke with Todd Moe during the convention about same-sex marriage, the Republican party and his re-election campaign.  Go to full article

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