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News stories tagged with "shrubs"

Gardeners: ready, set...prune!

Cornell Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy tells Martha Foley it's time to get the pruning saw and clipper out. And she has advice on what to do first.  Go to full article
Sedum "Autumn Joy" in winter
Sedum "Autumn Joy" in winter

The garden in winter: creating color, texture

Now is the time to assess mid-winter landscapes. There's lots of snow out there, but there are ways to add interest to flower beds and garden plots even in winter. Horticulturist Amy Ivy joins Todd Moe to talk about the beauty in the winter garden and tips for planning future winter gardens featuring ornamental grasses, shrubs and perennials.  Go to full article

Landscape chores...ASAP

Mid-March. Maple syrup season, pussy willows, snowmelt, creeks rising, geese in the air, skunks in the compost, crocuses blooming... There are lots of signs that spring is getting closer. Our photos of the day have been all about early spring this week. And as Amy Ivy tells Martha Foley, it could be the perfect time to get the shovel out for some serious landscape revisions.  Go to full article

Shopping for the garden begins

You've had all winter to plan this year's garden. Now, it's time to head to the local garden center. Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about shopping for shrubs.  Go to full article

The Bones of Your Landscape

Amy Ivy talks with Martha Foley about mixing shrubs with perennials for a more interesting landscape after the leaves fall.  Go to full article

The Autumn Leaves: Landscaping in the Fall

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about autumn landscaping. Shubbery and berries come into their own this time of year.  Go to full article

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