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Pre-K, Dream Act, campaign finance in NYS budget negotiations

Legislative leaders say they are working together and are close to a budget agreement, after a blow up that left the Senate and Assembly leaders negotiating separately with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The legislative leaders, following a two-hour closed door meeting with Cuomo, seemed in high spirits. Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos gave his often times rival Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver a hug.  Go to full article
Sen. Dean Skelos. NCPR file photo
Sen. Dean Skelos. NCPR file photo

NYS GOP stands against expansion of public campaign financing

Republicans in the State Senate plan to hold hearings Tuesday, May 7, on what they say are abuses in New York City's public campaign finance system.  Go to full article
New York state's Senate chamber. Photo: <a href="">JvL</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
New York state's Senate chamber. Photo: JvL, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

NYS Reproductive Health Act stalled in Senate

A key component of Governor Cuomo's 2013 agenda appears in jeopardy, as the governor concedes he does not currently have enough votes in the state Senate to bring an abortion rights bill he has championed to the floor.  Go to full article

Skelos: women's health act would lead to more late-term abortion

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos says he's strongly opposed to Governor Cuomo's Reproductive Health Act. He says it would lead to too many late-term abortions.  Go to full article
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:

New York State more likely to have three primaries after Senate says bill is DOA

The Leader of the State Senate says an Assembly bill to hold state legislative primaries on June 26th is dead on arrival in his house. As Karen DeWitt reports, that means it's more likely the state will hold three separate primaries this year.  Go to full article
[The 63rd seat] will be in the State of New York. It will be not on the Island.

Primary date, 63rd district location still up in the air

The dates for primary elections in 2012 remain up in the air, with Democrats wanting a June date and Republicans preferring August, as they await a federal court ruling. Meanwhile, Senate Leader Dean Skelos dropped another hint about new district maps that state lawmakers will soon release. He says the newly created 63rd district will not be in his home region of Long Island.  Go to full article

Skelos: 63rd legislative district likely result of redistricting

State lawmakers have still not made public their new proposed maps for redrawn legislative districts, but the Senate Majority Leader says it's likely a new 63rd district will be created. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details.  Go to full article

Same-sex marriage still hasn't made it to the floor as Senators conference

The same-sex marriage bill didn't make it to the floor Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said earlier he'd discuss the bill with his conference later on. When they're done with the conference--sometime this evening---he said he expects they'll announce whether they will bring the bill to the floor for a vote.  Go to full article

Legislative leaders announce resolutions on most--not all--issues

As the legislative session drags on, it seems an end may be in sight. The senate and assembly leaders have announced a "tentative framework agreement" with Governor Cuomo to resolve all the remaining end of session issues- except- gay marriage. Karen DeWitt has the details:  Go to full article

Skelos: Senate will consider tax cap exemptions

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says he's willing to consider an easing of Governor Cuomo's proposal for a hard 2% property tax cap, if that will make it more likely for the bill to become law. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report.  Go to full article

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