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Mike Dannhardt's launch, <i>Compulsion</i>.
Mike Dannhardt's launch, Compulsion.

Steaming up in Smiths Falls

Every summer dedicated steam launch enthusiasts across the Northeast gather for a flotilla. The route alternates between various US and Canadian waterways. It's very much a family affair, with spouses and different generations along as crew, or company. This year the five-day run took place in Ontario--one of many events celebrating the Rideau Canal's 175th anniversary. These particular steam boats aren't very big, and they don't have paddle wheels. But they are powered by wood or coal-fired steam engines. Lucy Martin caught up with Mike Dannhardt, on the Compulsion, while dockside at Smiths Falls, in late June.  Go to full article

Hershey?s to close Smiths Falls plant

Last week's announcement that Hershey's will close their factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario, may seem like a tempest in a teapot. But it resonates, for several reasons. Losing over 400 jobs is a heavy blow. Countless out-of-town shoppers will miss the place--and the whole area will miss their spending. Lastly, the loss exemplifies challenges facing communities across North America, as manufacturing jobs move elsewhere. Lucy Martin has more.  Go to full article

Hershey's may close Smiths Falls plant

Last Thursday, the Hershey Company announced job cuts would be part of a three-year restructuring plan. On Friday, workers at Hershey's Smiths Falls facility in Ontario, were notified that their entire plant may be closed. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

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