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News stories tagged with "smoking-ban"

Photo: <a href="">Sudipto Sarkar</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Photo: Sudipto Sarkar, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Ottawa smoking rate lowest in province

OTTAWA, Ont. Public health officials say Ottawa's smoking rate is now the lowest in the province. New figures released yesterday conclude that 11% of Ottawa's population were smokers as of the end of 2012.

Ottawa is also marking the two-year anniversary of expanded smoke-free rules that banned smoking from outdoor patios, city parks and beaches, and outdoor festivals as of summer 2012.  Go to full article
St. Lawrence County's strict new smoking ban takes effect Saturday.
St. Lawrence County's strict new smoking ban takes effect Saturday.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, St. Lawrence County

Today is the last day tobacco use is permitted on St. Lawrence County property. A ban takes effect Saturday that outlaws smoking, chewing, and other tobacco uses on property owned or leased by the county.  Go to full article

St. Lawrence County Holds Hearing On Smoking Ban

To smoke or not to smoke on government property is the question St. Lawrence County legilsators are asking the public to weigh-in on. Lawmakers are holding a hearing on whether to ban smokers from lighting up on county property; even in their cars. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

Smokers May be Banned from Lighting Up in the Workplace

Smokers may soon be banned from lighting up in any place where New Yorkers work. Jody Tosti has more on the story.  Go to full article

Anti-Smoking Legislation Effort Fails

An effort to further curtail smoking in restaurants failed in the final days of the official legislative session after Governor Pataki spoke out against the bill.  Go to full article

Anti-Smoking Groups Push for Further Restriction

Anti-smoking groups are pushing for bills that would further restrict smoking in restaurants and workplaces. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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