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It's less than ideal, but I understand it, and we'll continue to monitor the situation here.

Cuomo won't rule out special prosecutor for Occupy arrestees

Governor Cuomo says the Albany District Attorney's decision not to prosecute Occupy Albany protesters arrested for trespassing is "less than ideal", and the governor has refused to rule out appointing a special prosecutor. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
The Occupy Albany encampment in early November. Photo: Karen DeWitt
The Occupy Albany encampment in early November. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany arrests prompt legal showdown

About a dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters were back in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan's financial district early this morning, talking and trying to stay awake. A judge ruled yesterday that the protesters could return to the park but could not set up camp, or sleep there.

They sat on the park's marble benches, occasionally chanting. About 30 police officers were looking on.

A new poll finds many New Yorkers are supportive of the Occupy movement, and a majority believes they should be allowed to remain in the parks 24 hours a day.

Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn't agree. He's directed state police to arrest demonstrators in Albany.

Protesters have camped out at the city's Academy Park since October 21st. Since this past weekend, dozens have been arrested for crossing into adjacent state-run Lafayette Park.
Demonstrators say they will keep challenging the curfew until the arrests stop. That's set up a three-way showdown between protesters, the governor, and the local prosecutor.

And now, the governor is being asked to appoint a special prosecutor to follow through with those arrests.
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