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Blue nose pit bull. Source: Wikipedia
Blue nose pit bull. Source: Wikipedia

Dog fighting, pit bulls draw new scrutiny

Last week, the Plattsburgh city council passed a resolution urging New York's legislature to allow local governments to ban pit bulls and other breeds of dogs. State law now prohibits local governments from targeting certain breeds of dogs with animal control regulations. Councilor Michael Drew told the Plattsburgh Press-Republican that each city or municipality should have the opportunity to consider a ban. This local debate comes as star NFL quarterback Michael Vick was being indicted for allegedly running a pit bull fighting ring from his estate in Virginia. Over the last several weeks, Brian Mann has been on special assignment for National Public Radio, looking at the national debate over pit bulls. He found that the animals and the illegal sport of dog fighting have grown far more popular in recent years.

A warning that this story includes language that may be disturbing to some listeners.  Go to full article
Brian McDonnell in a war canoe during the 90 Miler
Brian McDonnell in a war canoe during the 90 Miler

North Country paddling season underway

The paddling season is officially underway in the North Country. In the coming weeks, paddlers will gather for more than a dozen races and boat exhibitions. One of the lead organizers is Brian McDonnell, a competitive paddler and outdoor guide based in Lake Clear. He told Brian Mann that the next big race starts Saturday in Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

On Course in Ottawa

Ottawa's biggest race weekend of the year saw thousands of walkers, in-line skaters, joggers and world-class runners on the streets for various distances on Saturday and Sunday. The big event was the marathon, which was somewhat marred by a course mix up that changed the outcome for the front runners. Other races went off more smoothly, except perhaps for the heat. Lucy Martin decided to tackle Saturday's 10K event. She sent in this audio postcard.  Go to full article
Congressman John Sweeney (Source:  Sweeney)
Congressman John Sweeney (Source: Sweeney)

GOP Rep. Sweeney Faces Ethics Questions After Lake Placid Gathering

Republican Congressman John Sweeney is facing tough questions over his involvement in a weekend retreat last January in Lake Placid that included more than twenty of his staff, family-members, and supporters. The New York Power Authority paid for the event, which had a price tag of $25,000. It was hosted by the Olympic Regional Development Authority. The roster of guests included powerful Republicans, including the brother and sister of former White House chief of staff Andrew Card and a top GOP lawyer who has represented Tom DeLay. At least four Democrats also attended, including aides to Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada. Organizers say the trip was a legitimate effort to build federal support for Olympic venues in Lake Placid. But as Brian Mann reports, critics say the gathering was a taxpayer-sponsored vacation for politicians and lobbyists.  Go to full article
Erin Hamlin from Remsen with trainer Dan Smith from Jay and USA Luge manager Fred Zimny from Lake Placid
Erin Hamlin from Remsen with trainer Dan Smith from Jay and USA Luge manager Fred Zimny from Lake Placid

Adirondack Olympians Finish Strong on Tuesday

In Olympic action yesterday, biathlon racer Tim Burke from Paul Smiths finished the 10k sprint in 37th place. Lowell Bailey from Lake Placid ended the day in 48th position. The pair were the only Americans who ranked high enough to qualify for the men's pursuit race scheduled for Saturday. On the sled track, American luge racer Courtney Zablocki missed a bronze medal by less than a 10th of a second. Another slider, Erin Hamlin from Remsen, improved her time and finished the two-day competition in 12th place. Between heats, Brian Mann spoke with Erin's dad Ron, who was watching from trackside.  Go to full article

Snowmobile Riders Die In Crashes

State police say two north country men died in separate snowmobile accidents over the weekend. One fell through the ice on Saturday and the other collided with a tree Saturday night. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
The Italian Alps (N. Battaglia)
The Italian Alps (N. Battaglia)

Local Racers Compete In Turin

Three local athletes have competed so far in Italy. In the men's 20 km biathlon race on Saturday, Lowell Bailey from Lake Placid finished in 27th place. The event mixes cross country skiing and target shooting. Tim Burke from Lake Placid finished 58th. Both men will compete again later in the week. Bill DeMong from Vermontville finished 15th in his first Nordic combined event on Saturday. The sport is a mix of ski jumping and cross-country skiing. He, too, has more races to come later in the week. Brian Mann checked in with Nancie Battaglia, a free lance photographer from Lake Placid who's covering the Turin Winter Games. Nancie was at the sled track in midst of yesterday's races.  Go to full article

Women Struggle Without Head Coach

The U-S women's "skeleton team" struggled on Friday at World Cup qualifier races in Germany. Competing without head coach Tim Nardiello, only one American woman finished in the top-ten. As Brian Mann reports, that wasn't good enough to win a spot for a second American athlete at next month's Winter Olympics in Turin Italy.  Go to full article
Jim McCulley at Belly's near Malone
Jim McCulley at Belly's near Malone

Snowmobilers Look For The Long Haul

For many people in the North Country, winter recreation means snowmobiles. There are fifty thousand sleds registered in our region. The hot new trend is long-distance touring. Riders like to go long-distance, hopping from town-to-town. Brian Mann went on a 100-mile day-long ride in the Adirondacks. He sends this audio postcard.  Go to full article
Placing bets in Saratoga Springs...
Placing bets in Saratoga Springs...

Saratoga Horse Racing More Popular, More Scandalous

Updated: 1:21 pm Friday

Horse racing fans in Saratoga Springs won't see the widely anticipated rematch Saturday, between Funny Cide and Empire Maker. Both horses were pulled from the one million dollar Travers stakes because of health problems. This is just the latest bad news for New York's three billion dollar horse racing industry, which faces allegations of corruption and money laundering. As North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports, the growing scandal threatens to derail a new hundred million dollar casino.  Go to full article

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