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SLU Celebrates "Blessing of the Animals"

Dozens of furry and finned critters and their human friends gathered in Canton for the annual "Blessing of the Animals" celebration at St. Lawrence University yesterday. Lots of dogs, a few cats, horses, and even fish mingled outside Gunnison Chapel. You might say it was doggie heaven. But for cats it was a little less divine - most stayed huddled in their pet carriers. As Todd Moe found out, the Blessing was an opportunity to reflect upon the positive impact animals have on our emotional and physical well-being. Wednesday's event included prayers, poems, stories and a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, a 13th century monk noted for his hospitality to all creatures.  Go to full article

Preview: The History In A Song

Todd Moe talks with Native American writer and storyteller Joseph Bruchac, who speaks tonight at St. Lawrence University (Griffiths Arts Center, Room 123, 7:30 pm). His talk will examine the controversial 1759 raid by Robert Rogers on the Abenaki natives, at their village on the St. Francis River in Quebec. The event is also the subject of Bruchac's new historical novel, The Winter People.  Go to full article

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