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STAR tax relief changes under the radar in Albany

As the deadline for the New York budget draws closer, some proposals, like a tax on soda and sugary drinks, are getting a lot of scrutiny. But others are flying under the radar. One would change "STAR," a program popular with people who struggle to keep up with property taxes. Rachel Ward has more.  Go to full article

Spitzer wants to expand STAR

It's been 10 years since New York first instituted its STAR property tax relief program. Governor Spitzer has said he wants to expand on the plan in his budget proposal to offer property tax breaks to the middle class. But according to many experts, the program has not led to the tax reductions it was supposed to. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Tax Cut Plans Rely on State $

Politicians in New York lately have spent a lot of time talking about how to reduce property taxes. As Karen DeWitt reports, the plans offered all have one thing in common. They rely on a program that uses state funds to subsidize the tax cuts.  Go to full article

Property Tax Plan Questioned

Senate Republicans are still trying to convince Gov. Pataki to go along with a plan for property tax rebates. But two recent studies show the plan, based on the STAR property tax reduction program, may be flawed. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article

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