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Padilla lost his footing and the current swept him over the waterfall where he became lodged below the surface

Buffalo man drowns on Raquette River

State police say rescue divers have recovered the body of a 20-year-old man who drowned on Saturday near Buttermilk Falls, near Long Lake, on the Raquette River.  Go to full article
Town of Wells, New York Photo: <a href="">J. Stephen Conn</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Town of Wells, New York Photo: J. Stephen Conn, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Hamilton County State Police station reopens

WELLS, N.Y. (AP) The New York State Police has a new presence in the southern Adirondacks.

The substation at Wells in southern Hamilton County has reopened after a 20-year absence.  Go to full article
Essex County's Emergency  Operations Center in the town of Lewis.  The new communication system will provide for modern two-way radio linkages, as well as microwave and high speed data lines. Photo courtesy Essex County
Essex County's Emergency Operations Center in the town of Lewis. The new communication system will provide for modern two-way radio linkages, as well as microwave and high speed data lines. Photo courtesy Essex County

APA approves new emergency communications system

The Adirondack Park Agency approved a new $16 million emergency communication system that will link first responders over a huge swath of the central and eastern Adirondacks.

APA commissioners voted unanimously to green light the project, which will mean improved communication for police, fire, and ambulance squads from Tupper Lake to Johnsburg to Elizabethtown.  Go to full article

Police, Forest Rangers find body of missing Lake Clear woman

An Adirondack woman missing since the weekend was found dead yesterday after an intensive search north of Saranac Lake. State police haven't yet disclosed the cause of death, or said whether the incident is being considered suspicious. Chris Morris has details.  Go to full article

Trooper wounded, shoots and kills the man that shot her

A New York State trooper was wounded and a man killed as state police responded to a domestic dispute outside Potsdam late yesterday afternoon. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Trooper shot investigating domestic disturbance

State and local police rushed to the scene of a fatal shooting on Rt. 56 about a mile north of Potsdam shortly after 4 this afternoon. According to St. Lawrence County District Attorney Nicole Duve, a trooper who was shot in the shoulder while investigating a domestic disturbance returned fire and killed her assailant. Troopers at the roadblock near the scene confirm that a man is dead, and a female trooper was shot and airlifted to a Burlington Hospital. The trooper's name and condition have not been not released.

Duve told WWNY-TV the trooper was confronted by a man with a shotgun as she responded to a report of a domestic dispute. The man shot her, the trooper returned fire, killing the man. The man's name was not released. The incident happened around 4:20 pm. Neighbors near the scene were told to leave the area shortly before 4:30.  Go to full article
Travis Trim, age 23 (Photo provided by NYS Police)
Travis Trim, age 23 (Photo provided by NYS Police)

North Country man targeted by statewide manhunt following trooper shooting

A North Country man has been accused of killing one New York state police officer and wounding two others in the Catskills region. The hunt for suspect Travis Trim of North Lawrence in St. Lawrence County started yesterday after Trooper Matthew Gombosi was shot during a traffic stop. This morning, two more state troopers who had been searching for Trim were shot. State police now say one of them, 29-year-old David Brinkerhoff, has since died. The other, Richard Matteson, was transferred to an Albany hospital. There's no word on his condition. Travis Trim is also alleged to have stolen a van in Canton over the weekend. As David Sommerstein reports, state police in the North Country are involved in the investigation.  Go to full article

Man Arrested In Double Murder

State police have charged a man in the double murder of a couple in Schuyler Falls just before Christmas. David and Lorraine Donivan were stabbled to death on December 20th. 37-year-old Edward Dashnaw of Plattsburgh was arrested last night and charged with 2 counts of murder in the second degree. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Police Say Donivan Murder Suspect Returned to Scene of Crime

Edward Dashnaw's attorney declined to be interviewed today when contacted by North Country Public Radio. Brian Mann spoke with state police Captain Robert LaFountain about the investigation that led to Dashnaw's arrest.  Go to full article

Region Fights Barriers to Emergency Communications

New York State will pay a Massachusetts company $2 billion to build a statewide emergency communications system. The same company, Macom Incorporated, developed parts of the network in Louisiana that failed during Hurricane Katrina. State officials say New York's radio network will be built to withstand natural and manmade disasters. The project comes as North Country counties struggle to improve radio service for local emergency crews. As Brian Mann reports, the big hurdles are mountains, environmental regulations, and the lack of coordination between different agencies.  Go to full article

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