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A Year of Hard Choices: Graduating into a receding industry

It's hard for anyone to find a job in today's economy. Recent college graduates with little real-world experience are finding it especially tough. And then there's people like Sarah Minor. Sarah graduated from Syracuse University last summer with a degree in photojournalism. She wants to get a job at a newspaper at a time when that industry is in freefall. Sarah's living with her parents outside Canton while she searches. She produced this audio diary for our series, The Year of Hard Choices.  Go to full article
Focus the Nation draws in North Country campuses
Focus the Nation draws in North Country campuses

Students uncertain about life after climate change

Last week, more than 1500 college campuses around the country joined in an effort called "Focus the Nation." The goal was to convince politicians and the public that climate change should be a top issue in this election year. As Brian Mann reports, students and faculty at St. Lawrence University agree that the planet is getting warmer and that humans are to blame. But they're still not sure what they or their leaders should do about it.  Go to full article

Bill Would Allow Financial Aid Flexibility for Students in Transition

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has introduced a bill they say would help students whose family incomes change radically in mid-year to make changes to their financial aid. Gregory Warner reports.  Go to full article

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