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News stories tagged with "student-enrollment"

Regional high schools among consolidation options

The public got its first glimpse last night of a study to deal with St. Lawrence County's declining school enrollment. The county's 18 districts lost 2,000 students in less than a decade.

The study commissioned by BOCES considers little fixes like shared services and big, controversial moves like merging districts. It also focuses on a middle, largely untested option - the creation of regional high schools. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Facing cuts, educators see lean times ahead

This week, Governor Paterson used his executive budget address to warn New Yorkers that the state's spend-thrift ways are over. He said the ever-growing state budget is "a structural defect" that must be fixed. Paterson targeted the two biggest chunks of the budget for deep cuts - $1.1 billion to education; $1.9 billion to health care. David Sommerstein reports on the North Country's schools, where leaders are even more worried about the budgets a few years from now.  Go to full article

Saving a school to save a remote town in the Adirondacks

Schools have been closing and consolidating across the North Country for decades. Declining birth rates and shrinking class sizes threaten schools in nearly every district. When schools close, communities often lose their youngest generation as families move to other districts. This can be a tipping point for the home town. But as Jonathan Brown reports, a tiny Adirondack village has a plan that could reverse this slide.  Go to full article

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