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News stories tagged with "summer"

Thinking ahead to next year's garden

This is a busy time of year for gardeners as the summer harvest continues. But horticulturist Amy Ivy is already thinking about what to plant next year.  Go to full article

Summer blueberry season begins

One of the best things about this time of year here in the North Country is blueberry season. Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about growing blueberries in the backyard.  Go to full article

A midsummer garden tune-up

Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about flower dead-heading, cutting back and other general garden maintenance.  Go to full article

The Spectacular Summer Sky

Martha Foley talks with astronomer Aileen O'Donoghue about the summer night sky -- the full Moon, Venus and a bright Jupiter.  Go to full article

Controlling Pests in the Garden

Insect control is one of the biggest problems that all gardeners have to deal with. Horticulturist Amy Ivy has tips on how to protect the garden from pests.  Go to full article

Strategic Succession in the Garden

Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some tips on early summer gardening.  Go to full article

How to Win the Bug Wars in the Garden

Bugs are a natural part of the garden. Some are good, some are bad. Horticulturist Amy Ivy tells Martha Foley a few ways to battle the bad bugs.  Go to full article
The pig race at the Lewis Co. Fair.
The pig race at the Lewis Co. Fair.

A Fair Connoisseur's Perspective

We're in the thick of county fair season. The St. Lawrence County fair runs through Sunday in Gouverneur. In Lowville, the Lewis County Fair continues through Saturday. David Sommerstein stopped by Tuesday. He found fair connoisseur Russell Martel sitting under a tent behind Smokey's BBQ shack. Martel drove over an hour from North Bay to check out a fair he'd never been to before.  Go to full article

Hangin' on the Strip in A-Bay

The streets are full of tourists in downtown Alexandria Bay, in stark contrast to dark, quiet days of winter. David Sommerstein got the year-round perspective from a group of local high schoolers checking out the scene in front of Jreck's subs.  Go to full article
Napolean and the Festival Queen in Cape Vincent.
Napolean and the Festival Queen in Cape Vincent.

A Cultural Melange at the French Festival

In the early 1600s, French Jesuit priests paddled hundreds of miles up the St. Lawrence River. They settled on the fertile land by the river's source at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. It's estimated a third of today's population in northern Jefferson County is descended from those French settlers. Last weekend, Cape Vincent held its 37th annual French Festival to celebrate that heritage. North Country Public Radio was also celebrating there. It was the grand opening of our new translator in Cape Vincent, reaching listeners at 93.9 FM. David Sommerstein was on hand and sends this audio postcard.  Go to full article

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