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The Tuesday Morning Knitting Group at TAUNY in Canton.
The Tuesday Morning Knitting Group at TAUNY in Canton.

Knitting's hipness: sharing yarn, swapping stories

It may seem like a natural fit on a cold winter day - working with wool yarn to knit a hat, socks or a sweater. But it probably comes as no surprise that for avid knitters, it's a year-round passion. Todd Moe stopped by Traditional Arts in Upstate New York in Canton last week to visit a weekly knitting group. There are dozens of similar clubs around the region that meet at craft shops, bookstores, churches and living rooms.

Socially-minded knitters donate their creations to charitable projects, experienced knitters work on larger projects or enter contests and then there are those who just knit.

At TAUNY on Tuesday mornings you'll find just a couple of knitters or a group as large as 20. Last week, there were eight women sitting in a circle surrounded by skeins of yarn, half-finished sweaters and a spirit of generosity.  Go to full article

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