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Commentary: Ted Tate

President Bush said last week it's "sad" that he can't count on his e-mails to his daughters remaining private. Commentator Ted Tate, a Star Lake resident, says his life isn't all that private in post-nine-eleven America, either.  Go to full article

Music With a Mission

A group of church musicians has released a CD of Christmas carols, to share a love of music and as a fundraiser. Rejoice contains music for the season, recorded earlier this fall at the Ecumenical Choir Festival 2002. Proceeds will benefit people in need. Todd Moe talks with Ted Tate about "Ministries in the North Country", or MINC, one of the groups behind the idea for Rejoice.

You can order Rejoice from Jan Fife, 505 Anthony St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669. Cost per copy is $15--half the proceeds support MINC, half the church of your choice.  Go to full article

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