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20th Congressional race draws national attention

The 20th Congressional special election is giving national observers an indication of how the Obama administration's economic plan is playing with voters. As NPR's Robert Smith reported on "All things Considered" last night, it may be a local race, but the candidates are doing their best to capitalize on the national issues.  Go to full article

20th Congressional campaign: 11 days left

The 20th Congressional district special election is growing more combative every day. Three men: Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian, are running to fill the House seat left open when Gov. Paterson appointed Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. The district stretches from the Hudson Valley far south of Albany well into the Adirondacks--lots of territory. Martha Foley and Brian Mann take time to sort out the issues and politics in the campaign.  Go to full article
Jim Tedisco.
Jim Tedisco.

Tedisco breaks silence on stimulus vote

Republican Congressional candidate Jim Tedisco now says he would have voted against a massive federal stimulus package. The longtime Assemblyman from Schenectady is running to replace Kirsten Gillibrand in New York's 20th district. Until yesterday, he had refused to say how he would have voted on the $780 billion package. His opponent, Democrat Scott Murphy, criticized Tedisco for not taking a stand. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy?s rise reflects a changing political landscape

Democrat Scott Murphy has closed to within five points of Republican frontrunner Jim Tedisco in the 20th congressional district race. Steven Greenberg with Siena College says the race is now "too close to call." The influential Rothenberg Report now calls the race a "toss-up." Scott Murphy, a political newcomer from Glens Falls, has nearly erased what was a 20-point gap just a month ago. Tedisco, the top Republican in the state Assembly, is scrambling to retool his campaign and his TV ads. With just two weeks left to go in this race, Martha Foley talks with Brian Mann about the poll numbers and what they mean.  Go to full article
Scott Murphy, Democrat
Scott Murphy, Democrat

In twist, Republicans say Democratic House candidate is fatcat businessman

The 20th congressional district race is heating up in the final weeks, with a barrage of negative campaign ads, a frantic schedule of debates and endless whistle-stops. Democrat Scott Murphy toured the North Country on Sunday. He's been working to paint his opponent, Republican Jim Tedisco, as a career Albany politician who won't take a stand on the economic stimulus package. Tedisco, meanwhile, says Murphy is as an out-of-touch millionaire with no experience as a lawmaker. As Brian Mann reports, Republicans hope to tie Murphy to the meltdown on Wall Street.  Go to full article

Tedisco, Murphy debate stimulus and social security in Saratoga Springs

Two hundred people attended the first debate yesterday between Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy. The town-hall style event was organized by the AARP in Saratoga Springs. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Poll shows Tedisco lead, but Murphy competitive

Republican Jim Tedisco has an early 12-point lead over Democrat Scott Murphy, according to a Siena College research poll released yesterday. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article
Jim Tedisco visits Lake Placid (File Photo/Source Tedisco Campaign)
Jim Tedisco visits Lake Placid (File Photo/Source Tedisco Campaign)

Will the North Country anchor a Republican revival in NY?s 20th Congressional district?

The special election in the 20th congressional district offers a golden opportunity for Republicans to launch a comeback in upstate New York. Candidate Jim Tedisco brought that message to Lake Placid on Friday, arguing that the GOP offers the best ideas for reviving the state's economy. Brian Mann was at the Tedisco event Friday. As he reports, Tedisco may need a big win in the North Country to carry the race -- Democrats are hoping to prove that this region is no longer solid Republican territory.  Go to full article
Scott Murphy (Source:  Brian Mann)
Scott Murphy (Source: Brian Mann)

Lightning-fast 20th race pits experienced Republican against a fresh-faced Democrat

In just six weeks, voters in the 20th congressional district will choose their next representative. The special election was triggered by the appointment of Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand to the U.S. Senate. This week, Republican Jim Tedisco from Schenectady and Democrat Scott Murphy from Glens Falls hit the campaign trail. As Brian Mann reports, the Republicans start the race with some big advantages, but Democrats think they've found a fresh new face who can hold the seat.  Go to full article
Dem. Scott Murphy & Rep. Jim Tedisco
Dem. Scott Murphy & Rep. Jim Tedisco

20th Congressional District special election a "battle royale"

State Republican leaders are urging Governor David Paterson to call a special election as soon as possible in New York's 20th congressional district. The seat has been vacant for two weeks, following Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand's rise to the Senate. Congressman John McHugh, National Republican Congressional Committee and Republican candidate Jim Tedisco are also calling for a quick vote. In a statement, Governor Paterson, a Democrat, suggested that he would take his time scheduling the special election and he indicated that the vote wouldn't come until mid-March. Brian Mann spoke about the race with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

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