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News stories tagged with "tent-caterpillars"

The Invasion of the Tent Caterpillars

Martha Foley and Amy Ivy talk about the eastern and forest tent caterpillar outbreaks across the region, and the best choices for top soil in their weekly gardening chat.  Go to full article

Tent Caterpillars are Back

Tent caterpillars are back. The St. Lawrence County Cooperative Extension office heard from lots of folks this week, as the population started to spike again. Last May, Martha Foley spoke with Steve Van Der Mark, an educator in natural resources and horticulture with the extension's Canton office. The basic information hasn't changed, though the range and location of the outbreak moves from year to year. There are two species here. The eastern tent caterpillars make tent-like nests of silk, typically in the crotch of a tree or branch. It was the other species that triggered concerns last year, and is again this year. Van Der Mark said the two are a lot a like:  Go to full article

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