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News stories tagged with "terrorism"

Iraq Diary, Pt. 21: Faith on the Front Lines

Hundreds of soldiers from northern New York are serving on the front lines in Iraq. For many, the dangers and the moral dilemmas of war are eased by faith. But they're also living and fighting in a place where religion is a flashpoint for violence and hatred. In his latest audio diary, Major Eric Olsen -- an army chaplain from Saranac Lake -- talks with reservists in Iraq about hope and spiritual belief in a time of conflict.  Go to full article
A Civilian For Two Weeks
A Civilian For Two Weeks

Conversation With Major Eric Olsen: A Civilian for Two Weeks

Since March, Army chaplain Eric Olsen has been sending audio diaries from Iraq. A Major with New York's National Guard, Olsen was was home in Saranac Lake recently for two weeks of R&R. He sat down with Brian Mann to talk about life on the front lines inside the Sunni Triangle. Also, about the experience of visiting his wife Susan and his sons, Garth and Evan.  Go to full article

NY National Guard Soldier Killed In Samarra

A National Guard soldier serving alongside reservists from northern New York was killed Friday in Samarra, north of Bagdad. Sgt. Michael A. Uvanni, from Rome, was shot by a sniper. As Brian Mann reports, a half-dozen north country soldiers have been killed or wounded in that area since April.  Go to full article
A civilian for two weeks.
A civilian for two weeks.

Iraq Diary, pt. 20: Two Weeks On The Home Front

As the fighting in Iraq continues, National Guard soldiers from New York have been returning home for two weeks of much-needed R&R. In his audio diary this week, chaplain Eric Olsen travels back to Saranac Lake. He describes wonderful autumn days, spent with his wife Susan and his sons Garth and Evan. But Major Olsen says every joy and experience has been burdened with the knowledge that he'll soon be shipping out again.  Go to full article

Border Patrol Faces More I-87 Checkpoint Questions

Two New York congressmen will meet with Border Patrol officials today in Washington. Republicans John McHugh and John Sweeney will question the Border Patrol about safety measures at a controversial immigration checkpoint on I-87. As Brian Mann reports, both lawmakers have called for changes.  Go to full article

Iraq Diary, Pt. 18: In Iraq, New York Soldiers Train Their Replacements

Hundreds of National Guard soldiers from New York and Vermont are serving on the front lines in Iraq. When they return home this winter, the Bush administration hopes to replace many of them with soldiers from the Iraqi National Guard. A recruitment campaign is underway in Iraq. But so far, the ING hasn't performed well against Iraqi insurgents. New recruits have been also been targeted by terrorist bombings and assassinations. New York reservists have been working hard to train new Iraqi soldiers, helping them prepare for what could be a long and bloody fight. In his latest audio diary, Major Eric Olsen attends an ING graduation ceremony in central Iraq.  Go to full article

Iraq Diary, pt. 8: MREs, Calls Homes & Daily Attacks

Next month, the Bush administration says it will establish a sovereign government in Iraq. Despite the transition, U.S. troops are likely to remain in the country for along time. National Guard troops from northern New York are hunkered down near a vast Army base in the Sunni Triangle. In his latest audio diary, Major Eric Olsen, a chaplain from Saranac Lake, describes the effort to settle in and establish a daily routine, while also dealing with the tension of daily attacks. This installment was recorded two weeks ago and none of the casualities mention in Major Olsen's diary occurred recently.  Go to full article

Commentary: Memorial Day

For commentator Paul Willcott, this Memorial Day is sadder and more painful than most, as we think of those who have given their all in Iraq.  Go to full article

Study Finds Website Info Not a Threat

Federal officials began taking information off government websites after the September 11th attacks. They feared terrorists would use the information to plan future attacks. Now, a new study says much of that information wouldn't be useful to terrorists. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Mark Brush explains.  Go to full article

Not Quite Ready for Bioterrorist Attack

Since 9/11, emergency responders have been practicing for new kinds of emergencies. In addition to fires and hazardous materials spills, emergency personnel have been training to deal with terrorist attacks. Recently, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham was allowed behind the scenes in a terrorism attack training exercise.  Go to full article

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