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Lowville Band, early 1900s
Lowville Band, early 1900s

An imaginary band concert, July 4, 1914

Imagine. Following the late picnic dinner with family on the green, and before the fireworks display, the bandshell next to the memorial fills with brassmen from all around. Tunes both popular and patriotic carry all the way to the courthouse on the cooling summer air.

This imaginary concert was compiled from Edison wax cylinder recordings brought to the NCPR studio by Rebecca Hopfinger of Clayton, along with a hand-painted gramophone on which to play them.  Go to full article
Indiana Bat
Indiana Bat

Fort Drum: Habitat for bats

Fort Drum has bats. The Army base in Jefferson County is home to nine species of the night flyers, including the endangered Indiana bat. Researchers are studying the flying mammals. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article

Facing more funerals, Fort Drum will change soldier memorial policy

Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division who die in Iraq and Afghanistan will no longer receive individual memorials at Fort Drum. Army officials announced this week that the base will hold monthly memorial services to honor the sacrifice of service-men and service-women. Brian Mann spoke with Lt. Colonel Paul Fitzpatrick, who says the shift isn't tied to rising casualty rates.  Go to full article

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