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Fossil Named in Honor of St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University is going into the official record of paleontology, the science of fossil studies. Geology professor Mark Erickson and his student Tim Bouchard have have named a 510 million-year-old trace fossil in honor of the university. It's called Sanctum Laurentiensis and was found near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Go to full article
Allens Falls. Tim Bouchard Photo.
Allens Falls. Tim Bouchard Photo.

2002 Waterfalls Guide

A 2002 guide to waterfalls in St. Lawrence County showcases some of the area's natural beauty. The 16-page, color brochure was produced for the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce as a way to boost tourism. It features eight waterfalls, each with a bit of history and directions to the sites. The guide was written and photographed by St. Lawrence University student Tim Bouchard. Jody Tosti met up with him for a tour of Allen Falls in Potsdam and has this audio postcard.  Go to full article

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