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Shareholders approve Finch, Pruyn sale

Shareholders at Finch, Pruyn in Glens Falls voted Tuesday to accept an offer to buy the company's mill and timber holdings. The sale price wasn't disclosed. As Brian Mann reports, locals are still waiting to know how the change will affect the North Country.  Go to full article
Finch Pruyn paper mill to be part of sale (Photo source:  Finch, Pruyn website)
Finch Pruyn paper mill to be part of sale (Photo source: Finch, Pruyn website)

Finch Pruyn sale marks end of era

In a decision that will reshape the Adirondack timber industry, Finch, Pruyn and Company says it hopes to sell its paper mill in Glens Falls and more than a 160,000 acres of forestland in the Adirondack Park. The price wasn't disclosed. The proposed buyer is Connecticut-based Atlas Paper. As Brian Mann reports, the sale of Finch Pruyn and Company brings to an end a 142-year chapter of North Country history.  Go to full article

Timber company and environmental group win award

A partnership between environmentalists and foresters won praise last week from New York State for creating a more sustainable way to harvest trees and protect land. The Department of Environmental Conservation presented its 'Excellence' award to Lyme Timber Company and the Nature Conservancy for their purchase of 104,000 acres in Adirondack Park. The collaboration - which also includes Canadian paper maker Domtar - is also credited for keeping forestry jobs in the North Country. Jonathan Brown reports.  Go to full article

IP tire burn canceled

International Paper has canceled a controversial plan to burn tire chips as an alternative fuel source at the company's mill in Ticonderoga. IP announced yesterday that had concluded a test of tire-derived fuel nearly a week early. The test was also halted briefly last week when emissions threatened to exceed mandated levels. Spokeswoman Donna Wadsworth says preliminary test data indicates that long-term use of tire-derived fuel would not be economically feasible. While burning tires at a third of the target rate, the boiler was already producing particulate pollution close to the permitted environmental limit. State officials in Vermont -- including Governor Jim Douglas -- opposed the test and filed a lawsuit to block it. They worried that increased pollution would blow across Lake Champlain. Yesterday, pro-environment groups praised IP's decision to cancel the project. BJ Ernst is executive director of the Northeast Clean Air Coalition in Vergennes Vermont. She spoke last night with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

The Biofuel Economy, part 2: ethanol alternatives

Ethanol fuel is grain alcohol blended with regular gasoline. E10 is the most common blend, 10% ethanol, 90% gas. It runs in regular cars. About a third of the gas sold in America is E10. E85 is 85% ethanol and only runs in specially designed engines. Ethanol is big business for American corn farmers. But corn isn't the only crop you can make ethanol from. And it may not be the best, for the environment or for North Country farmers. New York State is taking steps towards a radically different kind of ethanol production. Gregory Warner reports.  Go to full article
Finch, Pruyn in the early 1900s
Finch, Pruyn in the early 1900s

Finch, Pruyn To Sell Glens Falls Mill

Officials at Finch, Pruyn & Company say they plan to sell their paper mill in Glens Falls. The plant has anchored the region's economy for over a century and employs roughly 850 workers. As Brian Mann reports, the company says there are no plans to shut down the plant.  Go to full article
Zack Lake near Newcomb (Source:  Adirondack Nature Conservancy)
Zack Lake near Newcomb (Source: Adirondack Nature Conservancy)

Nature Conservancy Sells Newcomb Land to Private Club

In a rare twist, a pro-environment group is selling a big chunk of Adirondack Land back into the private sector, for $2.5 million. The Adirondack Nature Conservancy announced yesterday that they'll sell more than 600 acres of land in Newcomb to the Tahawus hunting and fishing club. The property includes a remote mountain valley and 115-acre Zack Lake. The valley is surrounded by forest land owned by the Finch Pruyn timber company, based in Glens Falls. The land won't be opened to the public, but it will remain on the local tax rolls. The forest and the lake will also be protected by a permanent conservation easement. The Zack Lake property is so remote that it wasn't surveyed until 1899. It was first owned by great camp developer William West Durant. Nature Conservancy director Mike Carr told Brian Mann that several factors convinced his organization to put the property on the open market.  Go to full article

$400 Million Big Tupper Plan Echoes Across Adks

In Tupper Lake, the local planning commission is finishing work on new zoning rules that will govern the proposed $400 million resort around the Big Tupper ski area. The Adirondack Park Agency has also begun a review of the project. Developer Michael Foxman, from Philadelphia, hopes to build more than 700 mansions, condos and townhouses over roughly six thousand acres. It would be the biggest project in the Adirondacks in the last 25 years. Yesterday, we looked at some of the environmental questions surrounding the resort. This morning, in part two of our report, Brian Mann looks at how this project could shape development across the Adirondack Park.  Go to full article

Mild Weather Slowing Logging Operations

Mild winter weather is slowing down logging operations across the region. Many areas in the North Country can only be logged in the winter because they stay too wet and muddy in the summer.  Go to full article

Company Says Koch Buy-Out Won't Affect Plattsburgh Mill

Koch Industries doesn't plan immediate changes at the Georgia Pacific Mill in Plattsburgh. The private company's buy-out of Georgia Pacific was announced earlier this week. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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